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Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker question?

Just beat the game on the first file, Is there a way to continue the game after you beat ganon? like so the story is going after you beat ganon? At the moment after you beat the game, and you want to continue, it puts you back to the save point before you beat him, is there a way to play after you beat him?

Also if I were to beat the game on the plus file(the file i get after beating the game), what would happen after i beat ganon?

Basically I just want to play the game after beating ganon on the story that I beat him. I guess I feel like I haven't beat the game until i can play in the story line after I beat ganon. But I'm stuck in a loop of beating ganon.

A good example of this would be after beating ganon, and logging back into your file you beat him with, you will be at the beginning of ganons tower, and if you talk to the king of red lions(who was supposed to die with hyrule) he will mention we have to save princess zelda from ganon(who we already beat). Its like a loop. Is there a way to break this?

Also if there is no way, then is there anything you could recommend me doing in the game so I don't get bored? Like is there some kind of place that has very hard challenges? Kind of like how OOT had master quest, is there something I can do after beating ganon that can keep me occupied?

I have already beat the Savage Labyrinth, is there any other good hard challenges in the game?

Best answer to anyone who has a good detailed post.

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    Once you defeat Ganon, the story is over. You can start that plus file, but the only difference would be is that Link will have a different costume. But otherwise, once Ganon is defeated, Windwaker is complete.

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