why havent i seen any cryptic creatures in alberta? only a few on television?

we have ufo's,grey aliens,ghosts,1 baby ogopogo, also we have sightings of bigfoot in jasper,banff but everything down here is slim in Crypticzoology while rest of canada has alittle more but united states has new jesery devil,bigfoot,lake monsters,giant thunder birds,chupacabras,grey aliens,reptoids,ufos,nordic tall alien men,mothmen,trolls,wolfmen,giant bigfoot creatures 13 feet tall,etc


giant bats in southern united states,crocodile dinosaur in the bayou even alive tree monsters,trolls,fairies,ant people,even Canada in whole we only have lake monsters,grey aliens,ufos, only big foot we have our in jasper banff supposly with sightings down there but the rest we dont have nothing

maybe our minds are less screwed than the americans because they seem to have lots of sightings of different things or maybe united states nut house had a leak.......

they say they have grey,red,green, aliens in united states also have reptilian aliens but we have none of them down here only the greys.

all are new jersey people devil worshiper even have their own hockey team named after new jersey devil even police officers have seen it while i guess united states mothman broke free from its cage that looks like a giant owl.

Giant rats the size of my pitbull live in new york underground while they have crocodiles in their sewers supposely

Giant birds thunder birds even sights with one happ

Update 2:

wolfmen **** you americans be breeding with dogs or something thats my guess because we dont have down in Province Alberta where im living right now.

trolls are ******* kidding me damn do you guys send all people with Leprosy in forest them they come out as trolls?

ant people known in united states damn how come no ant people strayed away to canada

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  • 9 years ago
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    For the record in Canada you have the

    1) Cadborosaurus, 2) Flying Rods, 3) Igopogo, 4) Jackalope, 5) Kingstie, 6) MacFarlane's Bear,

    7) Manipogo, 8) Memphre, 9) Mussie, 10) Ogopogo, 11) Old Yellow Top, 12) Omajinaakoos,

    13) Rake, 14) Turtle Lake Monster, 15) Waheela

    Now things Canada shares with the oceans and in North America and Worldwide: 1) Bigfoot,

    2) Kraken, 3) Lizard People, 4) Lusca, 5) Megalodon, 6) Merpeople, 7) Neo-Giant, 8) Phantom cat

    9) Quacker (sound), 10) Sea monk, 11) Sea monsters, 12) Sea serpents, 13) Steller's Sea Ape

    14) Thunderbird, 15) Wendigo, 16) Will-o'-the-wisp

    There are also lots of stories and sightings of UFO's and all types of aliens in Canada.

    Let's chat a bit about other places for cryptids and aliens. You are leaving out England, Scotland, Australia, South America, Japan, Norway, Russia and Africa just to name the most popular. Are you actually researching all the stories or just what you heard on a 2nd rate show you happened to catch only 15 minutes of.

    As for your hatred of Americans,keep it to yourself and please, please I am begging you, learn how to spell. You come off as really uneducated.

  • For someone who states that America is uneducated you seem to be uneducated yourself.

    If you are going to call an entire country out on being dumb you might want to work on your spelling and grammatical errors so you don't look like an ***** in the process.

    Hello pot calling kettle. . ?

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