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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 10 years ago

Really Good Asian Drama?

Does anyone know a really good asian drama? I want something with a really good plot, not someting boring. And it's gotta be a romance. Here are some I've watched:

Coffee Prince


Goong S

Boys Over Flowers

You're Beautiful


City Hunter

Romantic Princess

Secret Garden

Full House


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  • 10 years ago
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    You have seen most of the good storyline dramas but I can suggest a few more...


    Hana Yori Dango (I don't care what everyone thinks about the Kdrama Boys over flowers as THIS is the original... believe me its me all time favourite drama)

    Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Hilarious!!!!)

    Long Vacation (Suitable when you're stuck in life and you need a long vacation from life itself)

    Love Revolution (Love is complicated and sometimes it takes time... a serious drama yet it has many great scenes as comic relief)

    Ikemen Desu Ne (is the japanese adaptation of the Kdrama You're Beautiful. Is as original and captivating as the K one.)


    The Greatest Love (Good plot, funny as Hell and it deals with the unseen celebrity world behind all that series and ads... )

    Smile You (It has many episodes but its my second favourite and I wish it had at least 10 more episodes... The screen writer is a genius and has written and the next recommendation)

    Can You Hear my Heart (I thought it would be predictable and boring yet it was surprisingly one of the best of that kind...)

    Lie to Me (Its perfect until you reach the 17th episode... well it was supposed to have only 16 episodes and after that the screen writers quit so then you have the 2 final episodes dragging a bit. Still it was highly enjoyable)

    Protect the Boss (I loved the way he reaches maturity other than that it was ok)

    Bad Couple (It has everything nicely wrapped in 16 episodes)

    Sungkynkwan Scandal (Mystery, romance and comedy all in one... I love it!)

    Pasta (It was worth every minute... who doesn't love pasta?)

    That Fool! (Its one of those dramas that could never happen in real life although this is he most down to earth version I've ever watched again here we have a personal favourite)


    Fated to Love You (A legend in Taiwanese tv and my No1 TwDrama)

    Drunken to Love You (Has the same director with above but its HILARIOUS. Great script and many twists)

    Autumn's Concerto (One of the best tear jerkers out there. I loved the second half)

    Love Keeps Going (Love is subjective to change... now here is a really good drama about what happens when you are in love yet a second glance to your left is highly advisable....)

    Hayate the Combat Butler (An adaptation from a Japanese manga... it was really good and you're bound to like it. Female lead is the same with You're Beautiful but she was dubbed Mandarin...)

  • 10 years ago

    Bad Guy and 49 Days both has Amazing Story Line, great actors, and good acting, highly recommended!

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