Samsung Galaxy Ace kills wi-fi?

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace but I didn't get internet with it.

So I try to hook it up on my Wi-fi at home and when I hit the network and enter the password, it doesn't connect AND it kills my wi-fi, all the lights on my router go off and I can't connect my laptop or any other device, any ideas? ._.

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    9 years ago
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    I had the same problem but i fixed it!!!! I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace too

    in my case the problem was in the Security conf. At the begining security conf was "WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK" and then change to "WPA-PSK" with TKIP encryption. Now my WIFI connection works justa fine.

    If the methods mentioned before didn't work, download this application "FXR wifi fix and repair" and try it.

    One of the causes is if you are switching between packet data and wifi.

    disable packet data before using wifi then turn on wifi.

    if the android browser and some applications still don't get the wifi, disable wifi, connect using the packet data and browse in the android web browser. if it opens successfully, disable packet data and enable wifi. it should work :))

    btw opera mini always works with wifi even if other applications are not catching the internet.

    Good Luck

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