Can anyone identify this movie?

I believe it is a horror movie. In the a group of friends go to a pretty decent country house. Weird stuff starts happening, messing with their minds. As I recall what haunts them is the spirit of a girl who was run over by one of the friends. There is also a guy from who works in at a gas station who starts hanging out with the friends. I remember a scene where they are all around a camp fire drinking moonshine.

Please help, this has been bugging me for so long.


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  • 9 years ago
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    Solstice (2008)

    starring Elisabeth Harnois, Shawn Ashmore, Amanda Seyfried, Tyler Hoechlin, R. Lee Ermey

    IMDb synopsis:

    Six months after the suicide of her twin sister, Sofie, Megan still grieves her death and misses her. On St. John's Eve, Megan travels with her friends, Christian, Zoe, Mark and Alicia, to her family's house in Nowell Lake, Louisiana, to celebrate the summer solstice. While shopping for supplies in a local store, Megan befriends Nick and buys a magazine with an article about communicating with the dead during the solstice, the time of year when there is the greatest length of daylight. While at the house, Megan is haunted by a spirit that she believes is Sofie trying to communicate with her. In her investigation, she suspects odd local resident Leonard. While snooping in his house, she finds the picture of a missing girl named Malin and unravels a dark secret about the suicide of her sister.

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