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My friend followed his RC airplane for 10 minutes before it went down 310 miles away How fast was it going?

My Friend said he got a new RC plane and was flying it when it went out of range, and took off in a direction on its own he said he got in his car and followed it for 10 minutes before it went down 310 miles away, We're curious how fast was his plane going :) he said it didn't seem as fast as he thought it would

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    There isn't enough information to answer this question. We know he followed it for ten minutes. I suppose he must have found it later on. Clearly it was traveling at a higher speed than his car was or he could have kept up with it. But you don't tell us how fast that was.

    Also, it must have flown on for a good while before it landed, 310 miles away, after he had lost sight of it. Assuming however, it went down while he was following it, he and the model airplane must have been traveling at least 1860 miles per hour, which seems rather unlikely to me.

    If he had an RC plane that was that fast it was a secret weapon, not a toy.

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    miles per hour; convert the 10 minutes of travel to hours by multiplying by six. (60 min in an hour). So, 6*310 = 1860MPH , which would be the average speed one would need to go to travel 310 miles in 10 minutes. The speed of sound is 720MPH, so that is just under Mach 2.6

    More likely he was three miles away after he lost control and it went down. Small electrics can fly around 20-30MPH, average nitro hobby planes fly around 40-60MHP.

    Source(s): calculator and 30 years RC
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