In World Issues class we are playing a game called "The United Nations Security Council Game...?

In this game everyone in our class is being a country on the UN. We have to write a persuasive speech to get them to pass what we want for our country. I am Russia and I am asking for a loan to help out with the recession that Russia just got out of last spring and to help with the poverty in Russia. The countries that I need to vote yes for me is France, UK, China, Norway, Syria, Mexico, Israel, US, Pakistan, Venezuela, India, Cube, Canada, and Kenya. What can I promise these countries if they give me a loan? I really need China, US, France, and UK to vote yes because they are our P5 (I am the other P5). Can you please help me with some ideas of what I can promise these countries in return?

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    Okay even though the Russian recession was 100 times easier to tackle than the western recession, thats the secnario.


    kenya is in need of water and a good military force,

    A) You could offer water cleansing technology,

    B) Also to persuade Kenya, help Eridicate the somilian pirates in the Indian Ocean

    UK/US/FRANCE/CANADA(Any western Power)

    These countries are looking for military cut backs on the russian side, as this would put them at ease

    A)Demilitarise areas nearest to Alaska and Europe

    B)Offer Military Contracts to the US and Maybe the UK to Build and sell to The Russian Military.


    China is suffering from a population overflow and also is far behind where military advancement is concerned. Also China is looking to expand its space program.

    A) Offer to house Chinese Citizens in Russian Territory to cope with the overflow

    B) Offer Military technology such as Modern Fighter Jets or Modern Aircraft

    C) Offer to Fly Chinese astronauts to the new Chinese Space Station in the future.


    Syria could be looking for backing of its Crackdown on its own civillian population.

    A) Promise UN backing on the Decision on whether or not to Invade Syria on Human Rights grounds, Eg. Use of a VETO


    Looking for Military advancements, and Financial Advancements

    A) Offer Military Technology, and aid

    B) Offer Them to membership to the the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, (SCO) of which it is only an observer at the moment.


    Aquisition of Oil and Gas in the Arctic region

    A) Offer them more territory within the Arctic Circle.( Countries which have claimed areas of sea aroud the north pole, so when th ice melts, oil and gas reserves can be drilled)


    looking to keep Palestine under its rule and not as a free country/ UN membership

    A)Back the Israelis by using your VETO power to deny Palestine to gain Membership to the UN, this would also help US relations



    A) Invest

    B) Offer other stuff, Make it up.

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    What school is this?

    The UN Security council does not vote on loans. See the below link for a list of UN Security Council resolutions for 2011. Security council resolutions involve the use of force, sanctions, embargoes, violations of the NNPT, etc. against other nations.

    Loans come from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, individual countries, G8, state banks, private banks, etc. The UN itself has limited money and can't actually loan money to anyone. In the case of aid programs, they ask member countries to make loans. You certainly don't need security council permission to apply for a loan. Why would China care if a Swedish bank wants to loan Russia some money? Countries borrow billions each day and the security council doesn't have the time or authority to stop loans... baring a country being under some type of sanctions.

    However, if the UN security council was suddenly required to vote on every loan, my speech as the Russian ambassidor would be simple, "I have no idea why we need to vote on a simple loan. It isn't under the security council or UN mandate. It is also pointless and silly to have the security council deciding what financial transactions countries do between themselves. So to show how silly this is, I've been instructed by my government that if any loan to Russia is not approved by this council, I am to veto all other votes for any loan to any country for any reason."

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    Since it is a loan, you would need to ensure that is it paid back with interest. They need to trust that their investment won't go to waste or be used against them, and that you will look favorable on those countries that help you out now.

    If that fails, remember that Russia has a veto, and nothing can pass without Russian approval or abstention. Use that threat if necessary.

    Just like the real U.N.

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    yes maybe

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