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Good websites about World War II?

I read Anne Frank, and want to know more about WWII? (:

I really want to know more about the camps....

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    history lesson for the Uneducated the Ball point pen

    No I never though how she wrote her Diaries I know how she WROTE them with what ever writing Implement that was available from 1939 to 1944

    the Ballpoint pen was Manufactured for the Royal air Force In 1939 under Licence form the Brothers before they went to south America and was not sold to the Public until the everlast In 1952

    the RAF ball point pen was Given to all aircrew from 1939 and captured pilots had them as did the Ones that escaped via holland we also put them in supplest to the Dutch and french Underground

    so why was it Not possible IF Anne used a Ball Point Pen to not have had one before she was caught in 1944 5 years after the RAF were issuing them

    The British Government bought the licensing rights to this patent for the war effort in 1939. The British Royal Air Force needed a new type of pen, one that would not leak at higher altitudes in fighter planes as the fountain pen did. Their successful performance for the Air Force brought the Biro pens into the limelight. Laszlo Biro had neglected to get a U.S. patent for his pen and so even with the ending of World War II, another battle was just beginning..

    as with all Holocaust deniers a pretty antisemitic web site is No match for the Truth

    I know of 2 that often are used tp prove the Truth wrong they are very Colourfull with lots of flags and WRO G as i am about to Prove

    the SWIMMING POOL AT AUSCHWITZ here are the facts

    Auschwitz was the Polish Cavalry Home with Hospital a Gym Recreational hall Mess Hall Kitchens etc as any Military Base in the world would Have

    the 2 Fire Fighting Rainwater tanks were used a swimming pools for the Soldiers and later used By the Girls at Auschwitz when it was a Farm Run by the NAZIS using females to feed the Reich

    when the Germans started to run out of Fuel in 1940 Historic Fact

    IG Farben Standard Oil Texaco owned By Prescott Bush and Rockefeller Built a petrochemical plant at Buna to Manufacture Oil Fuel and Rubber and used 83,000 slaves the american Owners Paid them 20 phennings an Hour collected By the SS

    and these Slaves were Housed Given Uniforms were Treated when Sick in the Infirmary and in some cases Hospitalised because the loss of any salve would cost the owners 170 Reich Marks to replace

    But there were a lot of Deaths so the Owners Built a Crematorium to dispose of the Bodies

    after the wanasee Conference and with plenty of fuel for the Crematorium from Standard Oils Facilities the SS turned Auschwitz into a Death Camp

    that dispels with Fact the Hospital Infirmary and the mess Music hall the Hospital the Kitchen and the Fire Fighting water tanks / Swimming Pools

    I have been Researching WW2 since WW2 when i was Bombed By the ITT owned Fokker Wolf

    and Continued My Research in Germany after WW2 when i was In the RAF

    that works out to be about 66 years of Information which i share

    Note I only tell the Truth i don't have an Ego to feed so if you choose to thumbs me down feel free

    The Truth will Prevail

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    ever wonder how she arote her diary in ball point pen which was invented after end of ww2.

    ever wonder why her father was never killed inspite of jew and earned million from selling her .......

    oops "her diary"

    on camps check it here;

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