Capitalist,corporations benefit when average or poor people do not vote. what methods r used to makeVotingHard?

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    Certain kinds of "official" I.D. is often required to vote--such as a driver's licence. Since a lot of low income people and the elderly don't drive, this tends to disenfranchise them.

    Student I.D. are often not recognized, which makes it more difficult for students to register and vote. Registration is quickly cancelled when someone moves--which hits students especially hard.

    A school teacher in Florida was recently arrested for trying to help her students vote. The idea is that no one should help people get through the maze of confusing rules.

    Gerrymandering of electoral districts is a way to make sure that certain groups will be underrepresented.

    Florida went and removed ex-felons from their roles. Sometimes the ex-felons had the same names as people with no criminal record. Oops!

    •2000: Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore tires to design a ballot with large type so that it can be read by her county's large senior population. The confusing ballot is never tested on sample voters, and in the real election it causes thousands in Palm Beach County to mistakenly vote for Pat Buchanan, costing Al Gore an estimated 6,607 Florida votes and the presidency.

    •2001: In the town of Kilmichael, where the number of African-Americans has grown to over 52 percent of the town's population, there were several African-American candidates qualified for the mayoral and board races and a very strong possibility that African-American candidates would win most of the municipal offices. However, three weeks before the general election, the incumbent, all-white board of alderman voted unanimously to cancel the election. (Mississippi)

    •In New York City, which has no photo-ID requirement, a study showed that poll workers illegally asked one in six Asian Americans for identification at the polls.

    •2004: In Franklin County, 102,000 new voters were added to the registration rolls, but because too few voting machines are provided, there are 170 voters per machine and up to a five-hour wait to cast a ballot. (Ohio)

    •1996: Central Falls, Rhode Island reports that it spent $100 in printing costs for Spanish materials used at nine polling places (just over $11 per poll).

    •2005: Based on government pay scales, the state annually pays out less than $18,300 in salaries devoted to compliance with Section 5, averaging under $458 per submission in a year with forty submissions. By contrast, incumbent politicians on the Charleston County Council spent more than $1.5 million of taxpayer funds fighting a single voting rights lawsuit against the Justice Department. (South Carolina)

    •2004: By redrawing districts that snake hundreds of miles across various counties, Republicans inflate their power so that following the 2004 election they control 66 percent of the Texas congressional seats.

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    The GOP republicans, the voice of the unbridled capitalist corporations as a result of their lobbyists actually buying our representatives thru donations and graft and payola and gratuities have rigged the voting machines,have denied blacks voting rights even in this current day and age. They have also published incorrect voting dates and places.

    Source(s): Personally, I have seen some of this but accurate accounting of it was just testified before Congress as the programmer for the voting machines just testified. Unfortunately no action has been taken against them yet but the programmer is out of work now and is not being protected as a whistleblower as the law states and provides.
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    It's not hard to vote. Any adult can register to vote - and vote. Corporations are owned by average citizens who vote, so you're not making a lot of sense.

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    ID required - Like black people say it's racist to show identification and they had black people.


    Put a sign that says other door on all the building's door's.


    Put the voting place 5 miles from the nearest bus stop.


    Put a empty cop car next to the voting building.

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    Reading ballots and sh*t. Driving. Bus fare. Gas prices. Electronics. Black people. Taxes. Bad roads. Corporate propaganda. Mexicans. Long lines. Bad districts. Zoning laws. Blacks. Working late. Being illiterate.


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    In some precincts, voters must take a spelling test.

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    It's actually harder for people with jobs to vote than it is for people without jobs.

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