Need sleeping help for baby!!?

for a while my 3.5 month old son was really good at sleeping through the night. then all of a sudden his usual bedtime went from nine to eleven. I've managed to get him back to nine but now he's back to waking up twice a night to eat. usually i would just try to get him back to sleep but i can hear his tummy grumbling. so i have to feed him. I've tried giving him central but he doesn't understand how to isef a spoon!

also he won't nap!! and he's been doing this for weeks!! he won't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time! his morning nap that used to be a sure thing (goes down easy and sleeps for an hour) is turning into all his other naps. he fusses and then passes out. the second i put him down he wakes up. i refuse to hold him while he naps. it took us a long time to get us out of that habit.

thing is I've worked really hard on getting him on a routine and i haven't changed it even a little but all of a sudden its not working!

what is happening and how do i fix it?? i would like to train him to sleep through the night and take good naps during the day. help!!! im worried about his development. cause i can tell he's still tired when he wakes up and i don't like that :(

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  • Sarah
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    9 years ago
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    You can't fix it, alot of babies go through a 4 month sleep regression, mine went through it around 3.5 months too, for some babies it can last a couple weeks, others take months to get back into a good nighttime routine. My babies 5 months old and still wakes up 2-5 times a night when he was 3 months he only woke once for a bottle.

    You have to remember your baby is going through a lot, teething, growth spurts, he's reaching developmental milestones. All these things will mess up their sleep. Until your son is at least a year old expect his nighttime and daytime sleeping and eating schedule to change quite a lot.

  • asrai
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    9 years ago

    Babies don't sleep well and continue to do so for their entire lives. We all wake during the night, just as we mature we can get ourselves back to sleep, babies do not have that ability. As well, waking during the night for food is normal.

    Babies who sleep deeply are a higher risk for SIDS than those who wake more frequently.

    Why do you refuse to hold him while he naps? It's a habit, but it doesn't mean it's a bad habit. If he sleeps better while you hold him, you have to decide what is more important to you- him sleeping well or him sleeping without you?

    Look at your expectations and ask yourself why. Also read the link from Dr. Sears on infant sleep.

    The same routine that worked at 1 month does not work at 3 months and it will keep changing as your baby changes. You cannot stick your child into a routine. Name a day where you do everything the same way everyday. You have habits that you do daily ie you have meals at approximately the same time daily.

    Instead of forcing a baby to conform to you (it never works), you will have to conform to your child. My daughter would sleep in her own bed from the start. My son would not from birth, be put down to sleep. It is not his nature. My life works much better if he has a good nap in my arms then a 30 minute nap in bed.

  • Ellen
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    9 years ago

    What is happening is that your baby is growing and maturing. So the routine that worked when he was younger is not working now. This will continue to happen as he grows and matures.

    45 minutes is a nap. When the baby gets older, he will probably start to nap for longer periods of time. If you want him to sleep longer, let him sleep in a stroller or carrier while you go for a walk, in the car on the way to and from errands, or in your arms.

    it is normal for an infant this age to wake twice at night to eat (or more). Also, research has shown that solid foods do not help a baby sleep through the night. He is not old enough for baby solids, and it wouldn't help anyway, nor would it be good for him.

    It is not a habit for an infant to want to be held, while napping or at any other time. It is normal biology. I presume that you prefer to sleep with your partner rather than alone, and you are an adult. Think how a baby feels to be separated from the person who makes him feel safe and loved, and who provides food and protection, especially alone in the dark.

    If you're worried about your child's development, treat him like a baby. You're expecting him to sleep like an adult.

    You might enjoy the website, which explains a lot about infant biology and development.

    Source(s): hospital IBCLC and mothers' group leader 20+ years mom to 3
  • jlb
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    9 years ago

    Stop expecting him to sleep like an adult, and start expecting him to sleep like a baby. 3 1/2 months old is really early for him to be sleeping all night. He needs to eat every few hours day and night. Cereal shouldn't even be considered yet.

    When if comes to napping, lay him down at the 1st sign of tiredness. Rock him or feed him and lay him down drowsy. Sing to him or stroke his hair until he is ready to fall asleep.

    His sleeping habits will change frequently during the 1st year. Any routine you try to establish will be in vain. You just need to deal with it the best you can.

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  • justme
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    9 years ago

    hes going through a growth spurt where eating and sleeping habits go son never sleeps an hour durin the day he takes short powernaps all day, he wll sleep all night again when ready my 5 month old recently started waking up at night again too

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