Which smartphone should I buy? LG Optimus 7 or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I can get a deal where I can get either of these phones for 0$ on a 3-year plan. I won't be getting a data plan, I just want to call/text and be able to use the wi-fi capability to browse the web at home.

The most important aspects for a phone for me are durability/quality (ideally the phone should last the whole 3 years) and good battery life.

Basically I want a phone which will always work properly, will be resistant to breaking, and has the best specs possible.

So please let me know which of these phones I should chose AND WHY. Thanks so much.


Also, somebody told me that a big reason for choosing Samsung over LG is that Samsung offers much better customer service / technical support, so that if ever the phone is defective or needs repair, Samsung will be much more helpful...is this true?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The Optimus 7 is a high end phone while the Galaxy Ace is more of a mid-range handset. So far, from what I can tell, the quality build on the Optimus 7 is far better than the Galaxy Ace which feels cheap and uses cheap plastic while the Optimus 7 uses soft-touch plastic, metal and aluminum. So it's much more durable.

    Both phones runs on a different OS. One runs Windows Phone and one runs Android. Windows Phone is much more smoother and more stable compared to Android and is way easier to use. Also, Windows Phone's battery management is much better so battery life will be better on the Optimus 7. Web browsing is much faster on the Optimus 7 and also much smoother.

    Specs. wise, again, the Optimus 7 is a high end device because of it's hardware. It uses a 1 GHz processor (compared to the weaker 800 MHz processor on Galaxy Ace), it has a larger screen and higher resolution which makes images look sharper and more readable and more things can be viewed at once. There is much more built-in memory on the Optimus 7 (16 GB vs. 158 MB). Also, the camera is much better and can video record in HD. And the battery is bigger too. So Optimus 7 wins in hardware comparison.

    I can't assure you that these phones are resistant to breaking but this is pretty much the same with most phones. But if you're careful, it will be always be in good condition and will have no problem and just work.

    Now I might sound like I hate Samsung and Android, but I don't (I have a Samsung Galaxy S II). It's just that if you compare these 2, the Optimus 7 is just ahead. Optimus 7 is more of a high end device while the Galaxy Ace is just a budget-mid range device. The Optimus 7 is better in nearly all aspects except that it doesn't really have as much apps as the Galaxy Ace. But apps doesn't seem to be a major concern to you. That's why I suggested the LG Optimus 7 as the phone is much better.

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