How would these former wwe wrestlers help out the product today in thier prime?

Exaplain your answers for best question 10 points.

1. Goldberg

2. Rvd

3. The rock

4. Billy Kidman

5. Tazz

6. Dudley Boys

7. Bret and Owen Hart

8. Tajiri

9. Jbl

10. Mick foley as the three characters.

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    1. Make him go to RAW and feud with ADR, Cena, or perhaps CM Punk

    2. He should go to SMACKDOWN and feud with Christian, Cody Rhodes, or even go for the big push and be in a title picture

    3. He will bring ratings up on RAW when he BRINGS IT!! he should feud with Kevin Nash though

    4. He should just stay in the back like he always do

    5. Make him the color commentator of SMACKDOWN and make Booker T as a wrestler

    6. They should be in a tag team title picture and will dominate the tag team division

    7. If Owen is still alive he would have been a tag team champion with Brett Hart and would have a feud with The Dudleys

    8. He should just not show up at all in WWE anymore he should stay in Japan Wrestling business

    9. He should come back as a heel and feud with CM Punk on RAW or with Randy Orton on SMACKDOWN and if not then he can be a commentator for RAW

    10. He should be the new RAW GM as Mick Foley and not Mankind, Cactus Jack, or Dude Love

    EXTRA. You forgot about Brock Lesnar he should come back and go to SMACKDOWN so he will be in a title picture too and feud with Mark Henry.

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  • 1)Smackdown needs a face monster

    2)RKO is already established if you know what I mean lol

    3)Just give him 5 seconds and watch the ratings go up

    4)He can be a treat in the heavyweight division if used right

    5)stay as commentator didn't really like him as a wrestler

    6)give them the tag team belts and help elevate the tag team division

    7)give bret gm time and owen train rookies on NXT

    8)make him an upper mid carder

    9)ADR vs JBL in loser's go broke match

    10)only for interviews or commentator

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  • They couldn't.They are past their prime.The most they can do is pass the torch.

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