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What are some examples of activities to do while in Florida?

K so,

I'm doing a research project on the state of Florida for a project, and I have to include fun things that can be included while there. I need examples of fun things people do: In the air, on land on water, daytime, night-time, expensive and non-expensive.

Thank You So Much!!

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    Florida beaches, whether quiet and secluded or bustling with activity, are ranked among the best in the country for beauty, accessibility and facilities. Families, couples and active singles enjoy year-round sunshine, soft sand and clear Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean waters.

    Theme Parks:

    Florida has many, many theme parks including Walt Disney World (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios, Magic Kingdom), Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, along with dozens of smaller attractions and water parks.


    Fishing hot spots about no matter whether one wants to fish for a freshwater catch, saltwater fish, or deep sea game fishing.


    Florida's ocean water trickles inland forming estuaries and coastal hammocks that beckon birders, kayakers and hikers. Swamps and forests greet outdoor enthusiasts with cycling trails, natural springs for diving, campgrounds and further opportunities to eye wildlife.


    Florida's state parks are more than just trees - they are unique swamplands, underground caves, rare animals, and historic forts, all of which draw tourists from all over the world.


    Tourists who love it fresh seafood settle in to dine from one end of Florida to the other, from gulf shrimp to Everglades 'gator tail. Tupelo honey and all things citrus also define the state's culinary identity and gourmet restaurants satisfy the most discriminating palate.

    Special Events:

    Day after day, night after night, Florida offers a plethora of events to tantalize even the most sullen of grumpy old men. Check out the Florida tourism site for more info

    Source(s): tourism bureau of Florida
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    Hi! Well, I live in Florida myself and there are many things to do. From beaches to zoos! There are many activities you can do at the beach or on the water. You could just go to the beach for a swim, go surfing, go wind surfing, and other water activities. In Orlando, there are the theme parks; Epcot, Universal, Magic Kingdom, Disney. Also there are the everglades. Just google what to do in Florida. It will list many activities to do.

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    Well, then, you need to get right on the Internet and do some research. Go to any of the travel guidebook websites or do a search on "Florida tourism" and you'll get more info than you can handle.

    Good luck!

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    Go to JB's Fish Camp in New Smyrna Beach! You can fish, boat and when you're ready to eat, you will be served the best, freshest seafood in Central Florida!

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    You name - you can do it in Florida - Anything you can think of - we have it here. Only no snow skiing and no mountain climbing (except maybe at Space Mountain)

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