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Designer Jeans Sizing Help Please?

I would like to buy a few pairs of designer jeans, but the problem is I'm not close to any of the stores so I can't try them on and can only order online. I know that every brand fit differently, so I'm hesitant to just rely on the sizing charts...which confuse me anyways. So if anyone can help me approximate my size (and tell me what brand they are basing it on) that would be awesome.

I am 5'7.5, 120 lb, 26.5 inch waist and 35 inch hips.

And if it helps, I fit into American Eagle skinny jeans size 0 perfectly. AE runs rather large, I don't wear a size zero in any other brand, but for some reason that pair of jeans fits really really well haha....

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    Youre are 20 or 22. Im a size 4 in name brand jeans and 26 in all designer.

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    each form of denims has a various greater healthful. I each sometimes purchase Seven denims from Jean gadget. The final pair i bought have been a 40 4 and that i'm a length 9. I additionally bought denims at Bluenotes, and there, I positioned on a length 31 (they use the actual physique measurements). Your superb wager is to ask a sales associate that should assist you out. they could have the means to tell you what length denims to commence attempt on.

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