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horse books information?

you all say that we should read and read and know a lot about horses before getting one. but im not sure what kind of book and where i could find them? do you have any suggestion? =) thankss

**im talking about informative books:p

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    i have an excellent book by Cherry Hill called, Horsekeeping on Small Acreage, it's a great book. it tells not only how to manage small land areas, but on a budget. and what you need to focus on having and what's not so important.

    i also reccommend "The Everything Horse Book" and "The Everything Horse Care Book" i think they're avalable at barned and noble.

    and as mentioned above, Barnes and noble has a really good selection of horse and horse care books. i look for the ones with a lot of pictures because i have to see it in order to do it, but you may be different.

    if you were tyo get one book of this list though, i would get the Horsekeeping on Small Acreage if you are seriously wanting to get a horse and/or design a barn or any kind of horse related property. and especially if you will be keeping it on your property.

    best of luck!

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    Ask at the Pony Club or look up a branch near you. In the UK the Bible of horses is the British Horse Society Manual of Horsemanship which is highly informative and EVERY horse owner reads it and refers back to it at some point in their lives. I do not know if they have it in Canada or whereever it is you live, but they will be able to tell you what is available and what is recommended reading. Obviously I do not know what is available in your country.

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    Start with the Pony Club "D" Manual and later move on to the "C" manual. The pony club manuals really cover all the bases, from horse care to riding.

    Also, lots of books by Cherry Hill are good. I don't know how old you are, but Cherry Hill's "Horse Care for Kids" is very informative and has a lot of color photos. She also writes good books aimed more at adults.

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    Go to your local tackshop. They will probably have lots of books. Or amazon.

    The pony club books are really good and the bhs ones.

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    I know Barns and Nobles has a great selection to choose from!

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    horse for dummies and horse for dunderheads

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