How do I deal with my toe problem?

This may sound like a weird or stupid question, but it is actually an emergency so I just have to come right out with it.

I have a problem with my toe. I'm pretty sure I have an ingrown nail, but don't know how to get rid of it. I am currently taking antibiotics for it: Amoxicillin to be exact. I found it strange that I should take antibiotics for solving the problem. I realize that it is common for people to take antibiotics for ingrowned toenails, but I don't understand how that will physically remove the toenail from cutting into my flesh.

I think it has gotten rid of the pain, but that is useless if the problem is not being solved. If I am missing an important point, can anyone with some medical history or any credentials explain how antiobiotics would be the basis for the solution of my toe problem.

I worry that I have to have a surgery for my toenail to be pushed into place, because of the time and money. I am not at all scared of having a surgery, but I have had this problem in the past and this has been the only solution for this problem.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have a bad history of ingrown toenails; and it is very painful :(

    However, from what I gather, doctor's prescribe antibiotics for ingrown toenails to prevent infection from occurring or to help stop an infection if it's already begun..

    Surgery may be inevitable if the problem is extremely serious; like for mine, just over a year ago I had an infected ingrown toenail and had to have the entire nail removed.. a few months later; some of the nail grew back and once again became an ingrown toenail and I had to have surgery to have the sides of my nails removed in order to prevent it from happening again- which obviously didn't help because I have another one in the exact same spot.... oh joy.

    It's best to see what your doctor thinks you should do; surgery apparently doesn't work for me, but it's worked for some of my relatives with the same issue.

    A few other ways to try and help your toe if it is infected are: soaking it in warm water (add some Epsom salt if it's available- it helps with infections), covering it with a bandage and antibiotic pain reliever, and wearing looser shoes/socks whenever possible.

    I hope this helps!! But seriously, see your doctor and the should be able to answer everything for you- and they may suggest you see a podiatrist...

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    I wouldn't know but I found this for you: I hope it helps. Edit: if the link doesn't work just Google this phrase: "10 Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenails"

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