Christians : Why is Joseph husband of Mother Mary ? Where does the concept of Nun come from?


Joseph as Husband of Mother Mary seems another Addition in the BIBLE>>

Update 2:

@ Prophecy NUT>. GOD fed MARY throughout her LIFE>>>> She didn't a Husband.. She was PURE , Chosen by GOD.. to bear Jesus Christ PBUH

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    I have no idea when the concept of Nun came from. The Catholics made up many many things not in the Bible and they are going to be punished for this. Rev. 22:18 says so.

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    9 years ago

    Well of course we know Mary could have done her job as God's mother with Joseph, but God asked Joseph to be the husband of Mary to be a protector, and to be a father figure for Jesus.

    The concepts of Nun came around in the 300's. When women wanted to play an important tole in the Church as men ( monks, priests) did at the time. They wanted to devote their lives to God also. Nuns may not be biblical but the concept sure is. Paul said people who never marry, and abstain from sex to devote their lives to God are more holier than those who don't.

    @marcia, the word 'bible' isn't in the Bible either, so are you and I going to hell because we use a word that's not in Holy Scripture?

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    9 years ago

    Allow me to educate you on the matter. First, you are asking two completely unrelated questions.

    Joseph became Mary's husband, because they were already betrothed (which in Mary and Joseph's day was a legally binding relationship), when Mary was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit. Joseph at first was going to send Mary away so she wouldn't be stoned for adultery, but then had a dream that she was still a virgin even though she was pregnant, and took her to be his wife, instead. Joseph was a righteous man.

    The concept of the nun does not come from Mary, if that is what you are incorrectly implying. Formal religious orders (nuns) did not begin to arise until roughly the middle to late medieval period. For women at the time, it was one way to get security without having to be married off, and also nuns were among the most educated women at that time.

    Prior to this time, Paul mentions widows and virgins who were continuously working on behalf of the church, however, nowhere is it recorded, nor should it be assumed, that those virgins were ever organized into a formal group/order, that they never got married, or were somehow modeling themselves after Mary.


    Marcia: You are absurd, not to mention judgmental (which, by the way, scripture clearly warns you about). Catholics ARE Christians. Please get an education on what Catholics believe.

    (And I'm not a Catholic, by the way).

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    Never heard of Nun. Mary need a husband to be father and protector of Jesus. Back then she would have been stoned if she had a baby out of wedlock. Much different than it is today. She had other children by Joseph after Jesus was born. One of them, James, wrote one of the books of the New Testament.

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    its not joseph husband of mary its joshua son of nun

    Joshua 24:29

    King James Version (KJV)

    29And it came to pass after these things, that Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the LORD, died, being an hundred and ten years old.

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    Nuns are like women monks. They do not wed because they want to devote there lives to God.

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    There are no nuns in the Christian church. Nuns are catholic.

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