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traffic laws,what are the rules when driving through a school zone?

school zones

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    Slowing down in a school zone keeps children safe by reducing the likelihood of a collision and also by reducing the force of impact if there is a collision.

    The faster your vehicle is going, the longer it takes for you to slow down and the less time a child has to get out of your way.

    Also, if you were to get into an accident with a pedestrian, lower speeds are less likely to be fatal than higher speeds.

    Traffic signs are the most common and obvious indicator. In many cases, there are signs posted even before you get to the school zone to let you know that you approaching it.

    You should also see a sign that says "School Zone" and shows the appropriate speed limit and the hours that the school zone is in effect.

    Signs are painted white and neon yellow so that they are easily visible.

    Many signs are also equipped with flashing lights that flash yellow whenever the school zone is in effect. Most of the time,

    Texas school zone speed limits are only in effect directly before and directly after the school day.

    However, if you see the yellow lights flashing at other hours of the day, you should still slow down. Texas school zone speed limits can apply to extracurricular activities, too, if the lights are flashing.

    Also, on some roads, the road itself is painted with the words "School Zone" and the speed limit. This doesn't tell you when the school zone speed limit is in effect, but it should alert you to keep an eye out for children and to look for the road signs that indicate when the reduced speed limit is required.

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    School zones are 20mph unless other wise posted. I make sure that if a child is approaching or in a cross walk they have the right away no matter what. NO CELL PHONES can be used.

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