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Twyla Tharp's "The Catherine Wheel" underlying themes?

I am taking a history of dance class and I need some starting points for a recent assignment. We watched "The Catherine Wheel" choreographed by Twyla Tharp, music by David Byrne (from the Talking Heads). Now as much as I love dance and The Talking Heads, they are both a little out there so when it comes to deciphering what the underlying meaning and themes are, its difficult. If anyone has any suggestions, I would gladly take them! Thanks :)

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    The dance grew out of Twyla Tharp's fascination with Saint Catherine, the 4th-century martyr who was condemned to die on a spiked wheel.

    I am also giving you the link to the NY Times review (Kisselgoff hates almost everything except NYCB.) I don't agree with her review but it does discuss some of the themes from another point of view.

    Source(s): Twyla herself and the NY Times review.
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