Are there alot of mexicans in New mexico?

If not then why would they name it new mexico?

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  • 8 years ago
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    In 1521 the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, which called their land Mexitl, the Spanish change the name to Mexico to made that name more Spanish. The event was the biggest accomplishment for the Spanish Crown, The aztec empire was full of gold and made Spain very rich. The Aztec empire cover a region in the center of mexico and extended to the Pacific Ocean and to the Gulf of Mexico.

    After conquering this portion of what is today Mexico´s territory the Spanish move north and south founding new land and naming them after some parts of Spain, in the west they found New Galicia, in the north east they found New Leon, but they kept the name Mexico to the part that used to be the Aztec Empire, together the new territories were called New Spain.

    One day some Spanish with the ambition to keep conquering north and find the financial funds for their enterprise told to the Spanish Crown that they have found a land so rich, so full of gold, the richest civilization, they told that the only name for that land should be"the new Mexico." The Spanish decided to give this people a chance and send an expedition close to what is now Santa Fe.

    After the Spanish arrive they saw that it wasn't true, the place was poor and no big amounts of gold were found but they established new settlements anyhow, and called the land New Mexico.

    New Mexico was part of New Spain until the independence of Mexico took place, then it became a territory of Mexico, but in 1848 after a war with the United States, half of the territory that used to be New Spain became part of the USA, and New Mexico became a part of it.

    New Mexicans then became USA citizens, and some of the descendants of those people are very proud of their Spanish heritage, that goes 200 years before the land became part of the USA.

    There is also a lot of immigration from Mexico to New Mexico and today New Mexico counts more than 49 percent of their population of Spanish descent, the highest in all USA, either from the descendants from the original Spanish people or new arrivals from Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

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  • 8 years ago

    By definition Mexicans are from Mexico, Americans are from the United States of America. New Mexico is a state in the United States of America. Like anywhere in the world there will be foreigners living in a place, some legal some illegal. With the fact that New Mexico is just north of Mexico you can expect an inordinate amount of Mexicans to be residing in New Mexico, as compared to Canada.

    That being said, what does this have to do with Travel Mexico? That is where you posted it.

    Please pick a "Best Answer", even if it is not mine.

    That way we can tell if we really do help people.

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