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I want to apply for canada skilled immigeration program.I got only 63 points while 67 minimunm is requirement.?

Can i apply with 63 points?

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  • 8 years ago
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    According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site at , it states "Note: you must meet the minimum requirements for your application to be eligible for processing."

    HOWEVER ... that same web page also states that "The current pass mark is 67. The pass mark could change. You should check for updated information on a regular basis."

    The Skilled Worker category was my first attempt at permanent residency. And between the time I began my research and the time I applied, the minimum score did change once. Unfortunately, both minimums were above my score. But I got lucky because I qualified under another category to become a permanent resident. So keep checking at least on a weekly basis.

    GOOD NEWS ... I found a web page run by Canadian Immigration Lawyers at . Here is what they posted there

    "4. May I qualify under the Skilled Worker category even if I score less than 67 points?"

    "If the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer believes that the point total does not accurately reflect your ability to become economically established in Canada, the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer may use his or her positive discretion (referred to as substituted evaluation) and approve your application even though you score less than 67 points."

    Read the full answer at that web page for conditions.

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  • SteveN
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    8 years ago

    I'm afraid that Jim is correct.

    Let us look at this not as points but as age. Let's say a bus driver comes to a stop in a city. He has 50 spots on the bus, but there are 75 people waiting to go to the next town. He knows that he cannot take everyone.

    So what he does is tells everyone that he will be taking people based on their ages, and the minimum age is 67. So he starts loading the bus and when he reaches the 50th seat, there are still some people age 67 along with many younger people not on the bus. He tells the rest he is sorry, but they will have to wait for the next bus.

    You can go up to the bus driver and tell him "Hey, I'm only 63 but can I come too?" but the answer will likely be "Sorry, you must have not heard me when I said only age 67 and higher!"


    This is similar to what Canada does with their point system, but instead of being randomly based on age, it is based on a series of points you gain based on your language and trade skills, and any experience you aleady had in Canada.

    You can certainly apply, but it is likely a waste of time. The only way for you to be accepted in the Canada Skilled Worker program is to improve your score and try again. That means you become better at English, or start also learning French. Perhaps get more skills or training so that you rate higher. Anything that can raise your 63 points to a better value.

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  • Ruth
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    8 years ago

    @Ben Jones, 67 is the minimum score required. Close does not count.

    As for the question, if you have only 63 points then you are ineligible to apply to immigrate so you can either fix things up where you are lacking or else forget it.

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  • Jim B
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    8 years ago

    NOTE to BEN

    .67 is the minimum score, anything below that is filed in the "circular file basket ".

    Why have a "minimum " if it is going to be ignored ?

    Jim B


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  • 8 years ago

    as you stated 67 is the MINIMUM so no you will not qualify

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sure you can apply. The points system acts as a guide to sort out the best candidates. Your application is still evaluated on a number of criteria, not all of them as "cast in steel" as the points.

    Go ahead, send in your application.

    Source(s): Skilled immigrant too.
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