how does the human population affect photosynthesis and respiration on a global scale?


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  • 9 years ago
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    The World population has just reached 7 billion and is growing rapidly with a net population rate + 3 per second.

    Photosynthesis thrives on Light, water, and carbon dioxide.

    Though humans feed the need for CO2 in photosynthesis, there simply isn't enough greenery to provide a never ending supply for oxygen for humans. Also, humans are destructive and careless when it comes to the preservation and spreading of photosynthetic organisms.

    Respiration needs oxygen which is the bi-product of photosynthesis.

    Simply with the increasing population more O_2 is needed (which is supplied by photosynthesis) but there isn't enough organisms to support the growing need for O_2.

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    How Do Humans Affect Photosynthesis

  • 9 years ago

    there are only a certain amount of plants, and the amount of trees is actually decreasing. plants provide oxygen and glucose for animals, and with the rise of the number of people on Earth, there will not be enough plants to sustain humans (through oxygen, through glucose directly eaten through plants, and through glucose indirectly eaten through smaller animals that eat plants)

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