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What is the Best Free Computer Protection Programs To Pair Up?

Well I don't want to pay money b/c my parents are Asians so their strict and i plan to get some programs for the computer system (compatible with any type of windows 7 and compatible with Firefox & Internet Explorer). So any recommendations? Ps. no links that make you have to offers or can give you malwares and all that please.

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    Like the above answerer, I use and recommend Avast Free Antivirus.

    > Avast Free v6:

    The best firewall you can get is the free Comodo Firewall, but it's a little difficult for less experienced users.

    If you are confident about your skill level, I recommend the Comodo Firewall, but if you're not real confident, then the Windows Firewall is more than adequate.

    > Comodo Firewall:

    And in addition to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) as suggested above, I also recommend the free version of Superantispyware (SAS).

    Since MBAM and SAS are both *on-demand* scanners (no *real-time* protection), you can have them both installed with no conflicts, and they only use system resources when you are running them.

    > Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

    > Superantispyware:


    Spybot Search and Destroy v2 as suggested above, is still in beta.

    That means not ready for public release.

    - Personally I don't think we should suggest betas here... Just My Humble Opinion ;-)

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    Antivirus are almost obsolete. You will definitely need a spyware cleaner. Malware Bytes (Free for Scanning only) and Spybot Search & Destroy (Version 2) would be the best ones you can get for free.

    If you need a free antivirus then Antivir Personal (or Avira) is the best option since it is the first antivirus to compete against paid versions of other major brands like Mcaffee and Norton and reach the Top 10 spot besides AVG which is not advisable as it takes a lot of resources and built for high end systems with too many unwanted utilities. Avast is another good antivirus but the scanner is not good in detecting and effective as Avira

    You can check the ratings and download these softwares from the 2 links below. The first link has all the best softwares available for free and the second one will give you extensive explanations

    Source(s): Best of Luck ########################## Twitter: dinoraj007 Email:
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    I use Avast, and MBAM, they are free, and MBAM is THE best malware program out. Here is a comparison for the major AV's, Avast is the only 3 star rated that is free:

    Here is MBAM:

    For the best security, I suggest installing the WOT add-on into your browser, and only go to sites with a green rating.

    Sorry, here is Avast:

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    maximum loose antivirus courses enable one replace each and every 24 hours. those updates are actually not examined. in case you're working Microsoft abode windows XP, Vista, or 7; acquire in setting up Microsoft Securities necessities. verify you thoroughly uninstall any before put in antivirus courses using that courses builders cleanup/uninstall software. those may be downloaded from the builders website.

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    I would recommend:

    Exe Radar Pro to monitor any process that runs in the system (has built-in anti-malware):

    SuperAntispyware to scan for spyware and other threats:

    Avast Antivirus to have a good antivirus protection:

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  • 9 years ago

    avast is good try that one

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