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Help with my Computer and Windows, Blue screen + Freezes?

I have to run in Safe Mode because If i go into starting windows normally it will give me a blue screen or just freeze on start-up. But sometimes it still freezes on Safe Mode! just not as often and it doesn't give me a blue screen. I don't know what the problem is, could it be my windows?

I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with 6GB Ram

I really need help to get my computer back to normal, Virus scans never found anything either.

When the blue screen pops up i read hardware error

but how do i fix a hardware error?

And if i need to re-install Windows 7 how do i do it? my windows was installed without a disk and i don`t know if i can do it in safe mode. HELP

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    Your Operating System is corrupt. You have get windows installation disc and re-install it. To do this insect windows disc in you cd drive, restart you computer then press F10 to boot after that follow instruction

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    have self belief it or no longer, even with all the jokes human beings make with regards to the Blue exhibit, it quite is efficient. oftentimes, it provide you some sort of hint as to what's incorrect. next time you get this mistake, jot down a splash bit paper the blunders code. try finding Google for the code, via fact probability is, somebody else has additionally had an identical problem you have. of direction, some BSODs are basically so cryptic which you will could desire to ask on a tech help talk board or call a expert...

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