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Okay, I need to do this art project, it's design a uniform, team name, and logo. So my team name is Silver Crows (bad, but I haven't got any ideas), and my logo is just a crow on top of a V (for my city). I'm thinking that the crow is silver, the V is black, or other way around? Which one do you think is better? Help on choosing third colour. So my three uniform colours are silver, black, and ???. I'm thinking that it's green or blue? But maybe anybody can help me choose third colour. Feedback would be great too. Thanks. A lot. THANKS.

P.S. Colour is NOT spelled wrong-I live in Canada. We spell it this way.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Choose complimentary colors. they will look better and make your team look in sync. I suggest changing the name to the Silver Viper (or even better the bronze viper) its a more fierce animal. With the colors choose a plain t-shirt color like -black, grey, white, so that the logo stands out. you can even make the viper rapping around the V. If you plan on keeping it the crows you can put a flock of crows flying in V-formation. I suggest for the logo using reds oranges yellows and light blues. The blues look better with silver.what ever metal you choose will look good with a certain color

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  • shir
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    9 years ago

    The crow should be silver since the name of the team is Silver Crows. What kind of team is it? If it is a team of females, you could choose pink, mint green, lilac, or almost any pastel color to complement the black and silver. If it is a team with at least some males on it, choose shades such as kelly green, royal blue, orange, or a bright red to complement. I think it would be best to stay away from darker shades such as navy blue or hunter green, as they would make the over all effect dull. I guess you can guess I am American by my spelling, huh :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Black crow, stick to nature. And blue for a third color. It just flows well reminds me of the ravens on one tree hill. Don't know if they had one tree hill in Canada but if not google it. Tree hill ravens. Good ideas hope this helped

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