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Is Ace Fire Fist from One Piece seriously Dead?

I am legitly about to stop watching the show if ACE is really dead... he was my favorite character by far I mean fire? thats the coolest **** around and coolest power why would he die. Someone please tell me if he comes back or someone revives him or something or is one piece about to end? because seriously im about to stop watching it because my favorite character just died what a joke.

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    yeah man he goen but dont worry just think about it with ace and whitebeard dead the new era started and with that the new era is gunna bring some crazy **** the show needed to do this to thow the one piece world in chaos so just think about all the good stuff coming(like to see all the crews training pay of) and it suck ace is gone he was soo cool and i dnt think he will come back i mean his body was ****** and there still is a fire guy marco had got blue flames that are hotter then red so yeah man he is gone and wont come back and no one piece aimt nearly ending episode 507 was the half way point of the series so theres gunna be another 507 epps so dnt stop watching there is going to be heaps more cool **** to happen

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    Ace From One Piece

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    In America, most cartoon characters or movie characters at the end are inexplicably alive. (or else the reason they are alive is so ludicrous, no one could take it seriously) In Japanese anime, people who are dead stay dead. The only time this didn't happen in One Piece was with Pagaya, and that was explained very nicely. However, Ace is dead. There was a huge hole through his spine and heart, and even a fireman cannot survive that. Even Luffy would be dead if that happened. Ace is dead and will stay dead. As quoted by One Piece Wiki, Though the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy had invaded Marineford in order to save him, Ace did not even hesitate to throw his life away to save Luffy; fully aware that he would be burned, Ace leaped in the way to shield his brother from Akainu as the Admiral struck. Ace's only regret was that he would not live to see Luffy achieve his dream, which he believed Luffy undoubtedly would. Ace passed on smiling, while Luffy collapsed into mindless grief over his beloved brother's death.

    I liked him, too, and it is a bit strange how someone so important to the plot was killed off, but I got used to it after watching Fullmetal Alchemist.

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    Fire Fist Ace

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    The Answer is YES.... Portgas D Ace is Dead cuz Mera Mera fruit reappeared and Mera Mera ability is currently occupied by Sabo. Hence, we confirm it that Ace is dead for sure.

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    Yeah well that's life.

    And I don't think that's gonna kill the viewers or make Ace come back if just you stops watching the show.

    And no probably not, I mean he was heart practically melted. Brooke died due to poison but his heart wasn't burned to hell.

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    I'm sorry to inform you that he is dead unless it's possible to revive him like Brooke was but that high unlikely but i no how it feels to have your favorite character died but please don't give after that hell there might some new character you might like just as much

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    Sadly, he is dead. He was killed by Akainu.

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