Im not a communist but I think canada needs rules,regulations?

Im not a communist but I think canada needs rules,regulations

I think teenagers have until 10:00pm to be outside unless their with their parents or have a good reason to be outside but on saturday that are given until 1:00 am thats it because its a weekend but sunday all teenagers must be in by 10:00pm unless they are with family or have a good reason


kids are only allowed to be outside the house after school till 8:00 pm all day except saturday which kids are allowed outside till 10:00pm

Update 2:

People will judge me say its up to the parents but you know what thats why we have screwed up countries because not all parents take after their kids

Update 3:

There should be only so much noise allowed in communities and if you want a house party go to your familys back out country not in urban areas or cities,towns

Update 4:

Only adults allowed outside with kids

Update 5:

Wont happen unless i run for congress but good idea

those who mock it need to look at the world not leaving a blind eye

but i wont get any good comments because %80 of canada are rednecks who believe its ok to have intercouse with kids or abuse kids

Update 6:

They dont care about having a good place to live they rather have 12 year gang bangers or their own kids stay out until who knows what time they dont care

thats red neck Canada and yes its disturbing

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    9 years ago
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    parents should teach kids not you nah parents day in age especially ones in united states,canada aint good

    some other people here will never take what you said into consideration they rather grow up with red neck beer and the woman will never give you a good comment

    the ones from canada im saying not the %20 while Canadians will never have this kind of thinking inside only sorry bro waste of time these canadian in here are hostile i live in canada

    they aint nicest people be around i dont care if they are peace keepers or are known of being nice

    thats just their scam leading everyone on

    watch these video below:

    Youtube thumbnail

    after a stanley cup game that shows the real people not this sterotype of canadians that everyone thinks

    trust me watch this other video as well below:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I have more videos that shows how canadian culture really is

  • 9 years ago

    they are low red neck Canadians the only thing good to them is destroying peoples properties,causing riots they will never give you good comment

    I learned that the hard way when i put a question about why dont canadians have more restrictions on law and order

    I got back horrofic answers as I should F myself then anothers saying that

    dont bother their way of life they rather be molesting kids or be chopping people up then agree with my question

    one guy even whats wrong with throwing parties all night long even smoking on bongs

    Source(s): im the source i have been treated badley by canadians who tell me butt out its not my business bother with just stay with my c,h,i,n,k,s very hurtful
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's so ridiculous, so your saying not once your parents let you outside at 10pm?

    Also, learn the real definition of "Communism."

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I believe it's up to the parents

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