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? asked in PetsCats · 10 years ago

Do cats have an extra set of eye lids?

I know camels have 3 or something. Any way my kitten has been copying his mom alot lately. Mom cat hisses at her babies when they don't let her have alone time and the kittens have started to pick up the hiss but they sound like they're kissing their teeth. I was just playing with my kitten and when I stopped he hissed at me! He's only 2 months old. Then he glared at my eyes for a while and his puipls went massive and when he blinked his eyes seemed white not like his normal blink. It was like his eyes rolled back because it defo wasn't his usual eyelids. The only thing that can explain that is 2 sets of eye lids. He really freaked me out. He looked like a devil cat! And now he's sitting on a chair staring at the wall. He's been like that for a while. My partner thinks I'm crazy but it was creepy

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  • 10 years ago
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    Cats, actually have 3 eyelids, the upper and lower eyelid that are used when blinking, but they also have a 3rd eyelid called the nictating membrane. If you did actually see it, then it's usually a sign of a veternary emergency. However, in this case I would doubt it, as that long stare with the blink is actually a "kitty kiss." And so it's more likely that he was just really happy.

  • Cayla
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    10 years ago

    Yes , cats have 2 sets of eyelids. The second set comes out when they are feeling threatened and feel like they might get into a fight, they can see through it and it protects their eyes from getting damaged during a fight.

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