Gift for BF's mom that just had surgery?

My BF's mom just had pretty serious surgery to remove some cancerous tissue in her throat. She will be on a feeding tube for at least 90 days and starts Chemo and Radiation in about a week. He is traveling home to be with his family this Thanksgiving and I would like to send something with him to give to her. The kids are getting her an iPad since she will be chair and bed bound for a while. She likes to read but he said its usually the newspaper. I am not sure if she likes to do crosswords or soduko type games, but with all that time on her hands (at home, sitting in doctors offices and receiving meds) she might pick up some new hobbies! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Maybe a case for the Ipad ... some keyboard cases are pretty nice for them if she is a little older and wants to surf the web

    I would ask the people who are getting her the Ipad if you could chip in and get a keyboard case...

    I think she would appreciate it, and would make using the Ipad much easier

  • 9 years ago

    hmmmm get her this gift card thing for the ipad and you go into the Bookshelf and guy magazines and books with it! get her that along with maybe a loose leaf white tea that you can get at like Teavana. but the gift card for the iPad book store is good .

  • bolde
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    4 years ago

    in case you have defined it on your mom which you do no longer elect to be spoiled with presents many times lower back and she or he nevertheless would not understand then you definitely something is incorrect with your mom yet on the tip of day she continues to be your mom and you owe her your existence So if this relationship is meant to artwork out then it particularly is going to easily provide it time it extremely is going to be ok :]

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