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Looking for healthy snack ideas?

I'm eating healthy and working out. I'm looking for some healthy and filling snack ideas for between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. I have kashi bars, baby carrots, snap peas, multigrain crackers with hummus, and fruit - but am having a hard time with other ideas to keep some variety. I've googled this and get a lot of inconvenient dishes that take alot of time to prepare. I wan't something I can quickly throw together.


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    Here are some healthy snack ideas :)

    Ideally go for natural organic foods

    ~ Veggies & hummus - like raw carrot sticks, cucumber slices or sticks, cherry tomatoes sliced, lightly steamed broccoli, slices of bell pepper, celery sticks, etc. If you want you can slice whole wheat pita into triangles for dipping or dip whole wheat pita chips in the hummus

    ~ Veggies

    ~ Berries/Fruit

    ~ Greek yogurt, regular yogurt or goat's milk yogurt

    ~ Fruit salad

    ~ Fruit/berries with greek yogurt

    ~ Nuts, seeds or trail mix

    ~ Cottage cheese with fruit (such as berries, peach slices or pineapple chunks)

    ~ Hard boiled egg + cottage cheese, greek yogurt or almonds

    ~ Whole grain crackers with cheese or hummus

    ~ Whole grain crackers with cheese & grapes

    ~ Frozen grapes

    ~ All natural popcorn, natural sweet potato chips, whole wheat pita chips with hummus, etc.

    ~ Healthy cereal (such as Kashi or Nature's Path Organic; high fiber not too high in sugar)

    ~ Healthy cereal + milk or non-dairy milk or greek yogurt, you can also add in berries/fruit

    * Non-dairy milk like almond, soy, rice or coconut milk

    ~ Plain greek yogurt with fruit (or you could add in some nuts)

    ~ Kashi granola bar, Kind fruit & nut bar, Lara bar

    ~ Buckwheat waffle or pancake with toppings like nut butter and jam, cinnamon or greek yogurt with berries

    ~ Toasted whole grain waffle with nut butter and jam or cinnamon with banana slices or with greek yogurt and berries

    ~ Homemade smoothie: using fruit/berries of your choice with milk or non-dairy milk with yogurt, you can also add ground flax seed

    I hope this helps :)

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Guide -
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    *Dried fruits (You could dry your own if you have a dehydrator- For apples: you just get a sweet brand of apples and soak them in lemon juice and put 'em on)

    *Veggie chips (such as zucchini, there are recipes online)

    *Apple pieces or celery with peanut butter

    *Ranch or cheddar quakes (they are not whole wheat but they are reasonable on calories and you feel like it's a treat- 16-18 quakes for around 130-140 calories)

    *Puffed Kamut cakes, if you find Suzie's, only 22 calories per cake and there are lightly salted ones. Tasty with hummus.

    *Trail mix (you could make your own)


    *Fat free or low fat cottage cheese

    (If you're not a vegetarian) Chicken (Chicken breast is naturally low calorie (aprox. 110 per breast), and if you flavor it with spices and low or no calorie ingredients it will stay that way. Have you ever heard of Braggs? It is similar to soy sauce but it has less sodium. Cayenne pepper actually slightly boosts metabolism, as do other spicy foods. Garlic, onion, chili and other powders are good on chicken. Just broil it in the oven or cook it in a crock pot. If you prefer more moist chicken try putting it in the crock pot with spices and a bit of wine and water. Excellent dinner with some brown rice, veggies, and a salad.)

    *Turkey breast lunch meat (again, if you eat meat)

    *Soups (there is a broccoli soup that is 60 calories per cup, organic, and tasty)

    *Eggs (veggies omelet w/ spices, boiled, etc)

    *Fruit shake

    *Popcorn (popcorn itself is low calorie, it's all of the butter, oil, and salt they add that makes it unhealthy. You can actually get a brown paper bag, or other color of your choice ;) , put in the popcorn kernels, fold the top of the bag, and stick it in the microwave until it sounds like it's done popping- (that same rule as for store bought bags of popcorn). It is actually a whole grain )

    *Cheese sticks. 80 calories per Stringster, 0 carbs. Usually all are 60-80 calories

    *Mediterranean Spinach And Chickpea Patties (120 calories and oh so tasty. I know, it sounds weird but they are really good).


    *Salads (Not the easiest 'snack' but you could make it simple. Spinach has protein.)

    If you do make a fruit shake, try throwing some kale or spinach in it. Blend it with some water before you add fruit. It adds some extra nutrition and, with spinach, protein. (You wont taste it)

    If you have an omelet try cutting some spinach in it. You can't really taste it yet it adds to the egg.

    I hope this will help! Good-luck!

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    Obtain a plant for your office—watering it'll make you more active.

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    Lessen your own Christmas tree.

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    Volunteer to offer meals or help build property.

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  • 9 years ago

    Rita bread with dairy lee spread and grapes.

    Cottage cheese and wholemeal bread.

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  • 4 years ago

    Volunteer to deliver meals or help build property.

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  • 4 years ago

    don't take upright

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