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Do you believe this NATO statement regarding Libya -- Yes no a bit most of it or none of it Why or why not?

NATO and Libya - Operation Unified Protector

Since March 24, an unprecedented coalition of NATO Allies and non-NATO contributors have been protecting civilians under threat of attack in Libya, enforcing an arms embargo and maintaining a no-fly zone. As NATO Secretary General Rasmussen explained, under ''Operation Unified Protector,'' NATO is doing ''nothing more, nothing less'' than meeting its mandates under United Nations Security Council resolutions. No NATO ground troops have participated in the operation – NATO’s success to date has been achieved solely with air and sea assets.


Is this BBC story right -- and NATO wrong -- or is NATO right and this BBC story wrong

Libyans claim Nato raid kills 15 civilians

Update 2:


Harper is in power -- and I have no intention of being as nice to the PM who committed an act of war without the balls to call it an act of war as I would that moron Bush

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    NATO was never intended to operate in a foreign nation. it was always intended to protect Europe against Soviet attack. BTW, if Bush were still in office you'd be asking why he did it

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    NATO fired a lot of missiles into Libya, and for many of those,you need troops on the ground to laser the targets.

    Edit: don't forget, NATO is 60% American troops.

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