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Android app support for Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I'm a noob to the whole Android thing. Can all Android smartphones download and run all Android apps from the Market?

Also, since the Samsung Galaxy Ace has no Flash Player, how does this affect the availability of games and apps?


It doesn't specifically say which devices are supported and if it's flash or not.

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    First you have android versions.

    The Samsung Galaxy Ace has Froyo 2.2

    On the android market, it will say compatible on 2.1+ for e.g

    So not all apps will work.

    Flash Player is not required to play games downloaded from market.

    The only thing is that you wont be able to play online games.

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  • 4 years ago

    Neither! motives: All 3 are unlikely to be upgradeable to ICS (Ice cream sandwich) Android 4.0... additionally there are new and more advantageous variations of the Galaxy S and the Ace.. Theres Galaxy S Plus and the S2.. And theres merely been a clean Galaxy Ace it is been released... Its talked approximately as the galaxy ace plus. yet once you particularly desire to get one the Galaxy S is the nicest looking and the top type of all of them. palms down! solid good fortune

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  • nikkai
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    9 years ago

    Apps should have compatibility details with them so if you read through first before the purchase and download

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