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Do you find Dan Aykroyd funny?

Personally, I find him hilarious! In addition, what's your favourite thing he's done?

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    Dan Aykroyd is funny and creative. Was funny in "Ghostbusters" & "Blues Brothers" movies "Loose cannons", "Dragnet", and basically EVERYTHING of the 80´s. In the 90´s his best comedies (for me) are "Sneakers" "Celtic pride", and "Blues Brothers 2000". Also was funny (and really sweet) in his first movie "Love at first sight" (1977) . But, the best of Dan Aykroyd, is that he´s a really good and sweet person in the real life : )

    Source(s): Is my favorite actor!!!!.
  • I don't recall him being funny since Ghostbusters.

  • 9 years ago

    Not really.. but he's a good actor..I loved him in MY GIRL

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