contacting everyone who has been to mongolia!?

hiy so i will be travelling there in may! and im just curious(i relize things will change a bit) about somethings so if you could answer as much as you could please?!

-how much does something cost like if ur gonna but a t-shirt or a little key chain or jewlery you know just somethings as souvineers how much in dollars do they cost?

-is there people who speak english around?

-what can/will offend them?

-would they take my debit card?

-what are the portions(of food) like there?

thank you very much!

ps: if there is any other tips or anything youd like to tell me would be great!

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    I have been to Mongolia several times, to answer your questions :

    1) There are a lot of places/markets where you can buy cheap goods starting from a couple of dollars and above.

    However I would suggest that you go straight to the State Departmental Store on the Peace Avenue, Ulaan Baatar and on the 4 th floor is a big section selling all sorts of souvenirs and T Shirts etc. It is very reasonably priced store and the quality of merchandise is excellent.

    2) Very few people speak English, in UB you can manage it somewhat but outside UB it is impossible.

    3) Just mind your own business and stay confined to your own self and you will be fine. Respect the sanctity of the religious places/temples.

    4) Yes Debit/Credit cards are generally accepted in UB.

    5) Mongols are essentially meat eaters, you can also find several fast food places in UB and the portions served are enough to sate your appetite if you are not a glutton.Buy & read the book,Lonely Planet it will guide you through Mongolia.

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