Why Does My Hand Shake Every Moment Of The Day?

Hello there,

I am 19 years old and have had this problem for well over three years. My hands always shake except when they are resting on some kind of surface. When I hold a pen to write it shakes, when I hold my camera it shakes, when I lift my hands and put them in front of me they shake.

Its gotten worse throughout the years and people are noticing a lot more then they used to. My friend told me to get it checked out because it could be Young Parkinson's Disease.

What do you all think?

Thanks so much for your input.

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    9 years ago
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    The tremors in Parkinson's disease even Juvenile PD (2-20 years old) begin not as bilateral action tremors but as unilateral resting tremors - exactly the opposite of what you describe. So we can pretty much rule out PD. You have described an action tremor:


    As you can see at the National Institutes of Health tremor links, there is a wide variety of tremor disorders and different types of tremors:


    But what you do have could be Essential Tremor which is why anonymous suggested Propranolol, a beta blocker, which is often the first prescription for ET although it is met with varying success.. You won't be able to just get any of the meds used to treat ET without a neurological diagnosis and a prescription so, it is important to schedule the first appointment as soon as possible.

    Please move from page to page at the linked site below because there is considerable information at WeMove.org:


    Like PD, there is no cure for Essential Tremor but medication may make it easier to manage. It already interferes with your photography and I guess you are already using or considering a tripod.

    There is a long list of tremor diseases and conditions but treatment requires a professional diagnosis.


    You can do a simple home test for ET but it isn't definitive and you are below the legal drinking age in the US. What some people do is the alcohol test using a shot or two of liquor - not beer and probably not wine either. If the tremors abate, it might be ET. And then you go to the doctor with this additional information.

    Be prepared for your doctor's appointment. Make a list of the symptoms, when they appeared, what you were doing. Make a list of medications taken before the first symptom appeared as well as any meds being currently taken. This list includes over-the-counter meds and nutritional supplements. Also make a list of any illnesses which occurred prior to the onset of symptoms.

    Because ET is considered a genetic disorder, a Family Medical History is important. Talk to your adult relatives to tap their memories of older relatives (by blood) for all medical conditions. It is important to include any and all conditions because even if they don't relate now, they could be significant in years to come.

    You'll take copies of all of your lists to your doctors appointment for your medical records. Your Primary Care doctor may refer you to a neurologist, an endocrinologist or even a cardiologist depending upon the first exam and any tests ordered. My guess is that you will be seeing a neurologist who specializes in motion disorders.

    Best Wishes

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    Yeahh, It does sound like Parkinsons :/ If I were you I would go to the Doctors asap! If it's something serious, you should really try and fix it now before it gets worse.


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    Try propranolol its a beta blocker it can be used for hand tremors) hope it gives u better results than it did me it was a good med tho helped a bit. it was the best one they put me on..

    Source(s): From me, wish u the best..18yr old wit the same prob since I was 14
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    9 years ago

    why are you waiting 3 years to ask about it.where are your parents?you need to go to a doctor and find out.it may be nerve damage and they can help it.

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