Rate/comment on these masculine boy names?

BFF is expecting her first baby in March. It's a boy and the two of us have been going over names that she and her hubby like. I've been helping her put together a list of their top favorites and this is what we have so far. She wants as much input as possible so I figured who better to ask than Y/A! (lol). Most detailed answer will get BA!

Have at'er. Thanks folks

(Surname is Churchill)

Damian/Damien Isaac

Ethan Phillip

Xavier Christian (X-zayv-yer)

Garrett Rhys

Nolan Isaiah

Jeremy Cadence

Darin Chase

Ezekiel Wyatt

William Zander

Ryan Cole

Payton Lewis

Keenan Jasper

Dakota Roland

Marshall Jude

Henry Lincoln

Roarke Emanuel

Hayden Jacob

Courtland Farris

I know it's long, sorry.

--Samm(and Ellie)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Damian/Damien Isaac -Like Damian, not a big fan of Isaac, but it flows well

    Ethan Phillip- Like this a lot, it's nice for a little one, but also ages well

    Xavier Christian (X-zayv-yer)- Like both names separately, but there is just something about the combo that I don't like

    Garrett Rhys- Not bad, but nothing that strikes me as special either

    Nolan Isaiah- Nolan isn't bad, though I wouldn't use it for my child, but I do not like Isaiah

    Jeremy Cadence- Jeremy is nice, but I don't like Cadence, and I don't think it flows very well

    Darin Chase- I would LOVE this name if it were spelled Darren or Darrin, the single 'r' just looks weird to me

    Ezekiel Wyatt- I adore the name Wyatt, but I'm not a big fan of Ezekiel

    William Zander- I don't really like Zander, and William is quite ordinary, I think William Alexander would flow much nicer

    Ryan Cole- I like this a lot!

    Payton Lewis- I'm not a big fan of Payton, but the name flows well

    Keenan Jasper- Doesn't flow well and makes me think of Keenan and Kel!

    Dakota Roland- Don't like either name at all

    Marshall Jude- I like Marshall a ton! I like the name Jude, but again, there is just something about the combo that seems off to me

    Henry Lincoln- Cute, mature, would age well

    Roarke Emanuel- I think Roarke is difficult for people to say, especially a child, and Emanuel doesn't really match the style of Roarke (just my opinion though!)

    Hayden Jacob- I love Hayden, not a big fan of Jacob, and I don't think they flow well

    Courtland Farris- I like Courtland, but not really with Farris

    My favorites are Ryan Cole and Darin(Darren/Darrin) Chase. My favorite names that they've used are Chase, Ryan, Marshall, Jude, Wyatt and Hayden. If I could make my own combos from any of these names I would use Marshall Ryan or Wyatt Chase.

    My least favorites are Keenan Jasper, Dakota Roland and Roarke Emanuel.

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  • Damian/Damien Isaac - I love, love this one. Such a handsome name.

    Ethan Phillip - Ehh, I'm not to big on the name Phillip.

    Xavier Christian (X-zayv-yer) - Absolutely gorgeous!

    Garrett Rhys - Honestly sounds a bit whitetrash to me.

    Nolan Isaiah - Again, incredibly handsome name. Love both the first and middle.

    Jeremy Cadence - Jeremy is nice, but Cadence? Not so much. To feminine.

    Darin Chase - I do like this one, but I prefer the spelling Darren.

    Ezekiel Wyatt - Just no.

    William Zander - It's nice, but the middle name kind of makes it sound like a syfy space hero. Hehaa.

    Ryan Cole - Love!

    Payton Lewis - Not real big on this one, sorry.

    Keenan Jasper - Gorgeous!

    Dakota Roland - Ehh, I've always seen Dakota as more of a pretty girl's name.

    Marshall Jude - Adore! I absolutely am in love with the name Jude.

    Henry Lincoln - Not so much.

    Roarke Emanuel - To foreign sounding.

    Hayden Jacob - Very nice.

    Courtland Farris - Nope. Sounds like the name of a Fair or Estate.

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  • 9 years ago

    Damien Isaac-- (I like this spelling better) I like the name combo. I've always liked the name Damien, but it makes a lot of ppl think of "The Omen", which can give off a bad vibe.

    Ethan Phillip-- I don't like it too much. The name Ethan makes me think of Ethan from Lizzie Maguire (Yea I know..). So basically the name makes me think of a stupid pretty boy.

    Xavier Christian-- Kind of cool. I like Christian, Xavier not as much.

    Garrett Rhys-- I think Garrett is a cool, laid back name. Rhys is a little too trendy for me though.

    Nolan Isaiah-- LOVE the name Nolan, it's my brother's name! I like Isaiah, however Isaac would work too!

    Jeremy Cadence-- Do NOT like Cadence? Isn't that a little girly? Jeremy's ok, not my favorite.

    Darin Chase-- I like this name a lot, but I prefer the spelling Darren.

    Ezekiel Wyatt-- Ezekiel is different, I think it's ok. Don't like the name Wyatt though.

    William Zander-- Blek. No.

    Ryan Cole-- I like this. Simple and classy. Good if you're not crazy about the super trendy or complicated names.

    Payton Lewis-- I think the name Payton is better for a girl. Lewis is kind of cool, you don't see that much any more.

    Keenan Jasper-- Keenan and Kel! That's all I can think about. Literally. Oh and Jasper is more of a pet name to me.

    Dakota Roland-- Again, more of a girl name. Roland's not bad though.

    Marshall Jude-- Don't like Marshall. Loveee the name Jude (Even if it is a bit trendy right now).

    Henry Lincoln--Interesting. Very classical. I want to say I don't like it because it's too old-fashioned, but I actually kind of like it. It's almost retro.

    Roarke Emanual-- I think I've only heard the name Roarke as a last name. It sounds weird and it's almost hard to say. Plus the names are from different ethnicities, so I don't think they really go together.

    Hayden Jacob-- Wow, another girly name. I like Jacob though.

    Courtland Farris-- No no no no no. Courtney as a girls name is bad enough.


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  • 9 years ago

    wow you have some good names there but my favorite combo is Damian Isaac!!!!! Love love love that name!!!!! i think that one is the best name. definitely 10/10

    Damian/Damien Isaac- again 10/10

    Ethan Phillip- cute maybe an 8/10

    Xavier Christian (X-zayv-yer)- maybe a 5/10 don't hate it but don't love it either

    Garrett Rhys-9/10 this one is very cute

    Nolan Isaiah- again very cute 8/10

    Jeremy Cadence- Jeremy is cute, not sure about Cadence 7/10

    Darin Chase- has a good flow to it but not loving it 6/10

    Ezekiel Wyatt- not a big fan of Ezekiel, its just weird to me, but I LOVE WYATT.

    William Zander - not bad maybe a 7/10

    Ryan Cole -not bad but not loving it. maybe 7/10

    Payton Lewis- 5/10

    Keenan Jasper- i like Jasper so 6/10

    Dakota Roland- 5/10

    Marshall Jude- cute 8/10

    Henry Lincoln- ok 7/10

    Roarke Emanuel -ew no don't like it at all

    Hayden Jacob- cute but Hayden is so trendy with all the Aden, Kayden, Jaiden... i really like Jacob though.

    Courtland Farris-ew no.

    this is only my opinion, and end the end it doesn't matter what others think as long as you love the name. but my opinion is to go with Damian Isaac. that is the best name on your list.

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  • 9 years ago

    My favorite Ethan Philip! Ryan Cole and Jeremy Cadence are very nice to. A lot of these names are not my favorite: Courtland Farris, Keenan Jasper, Xavier Christian (X-zayv-yer)...try and pair the last name with them.

    Courtland Farris Churchill

    Keenan Jasper Churchill

    Xavier Christian Churchill

    If you like the name Keenan, have you thought of Kernan (Keyr-nin)? I like it tons more.

    I mean if your friend likes them, she can go ahead and name him whatever she wants, but I personally don't care for them. No offense, but Xavier Christian Churchill sounds like his mother is a some one who is crazy about the church or something, not that it is a bad thing, but....

    Besides a lot of these names are super long. With a long last name, I would vary it a bit with maybe a shorter first or middle name. Don't get me wrong at all, you and your friend name him whatever you want, this is just my personally opinion.

    Source(s): Me!!!
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  • 9 years ago

    damien is the devil

    like isaac

    like e than phillip

    dont like xavier christian

    dont like garret- rhys is not a name

    dont like nolan- like isaiah

    like jeremy- cadence is for a girl

    like darin but not chase

    dont like ezekial wyatt

    like william zander

    like ryan cole

    dont like payton but like lewis

    dont like keenan or jasper- jasper is a dog

    dont like dakota to trendy dont like roland

    dont like marshall or jude

    henry lincoln - no too old

    roake emanuel- no

    hayden jacob- no

    coutland farris - no

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  • 9 years ago

    Damien issac churchill has like a ring to it

    I like the Xavier one cuz it's unique

    Darin chase churchill sounds like a movie star

    I wouldnt go with Ezekiel bcuz it sounds like an old mans name

    Ryan Cole churchill is cute

    Not the Payton one ... I just think it's more of a girl name

    Keenan Jasper Churhill sounds intimidating

    Henry Lincoln Churchill reminded me of Jesus lol idk why but it did

    The other names I just didn't feel.. Only get to name your kid once :D good luck!!

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  • 9 years ago

    Ethan Cadence

    I know it's not one of the options, but I didn't really like Philip and I wasn't crazy about Jeremy, but loved Cadence. So I put it with Ethan. It's masculine, flows well, middle name is original but first name is not outlandish so he won't be embarrassed by it. Courtland Farris sounds kind of...unmanly.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would avoid the names with the /L/ sound at the end as the las t name has the same ending sound and it will be his name for life i.e. won't change at time of marriage most likely.

    Of your list, my favorites that do not have the ending /L/ sound are:


    William (Will as the nickname, not Bill). I might even just go with Will.



    All sound nice with Churchill and are names that will age well.

    Wishing you well!

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  • 9 years ago

    I love the name Nolan Isaiah. Both beautiful names. Nolan means champion and Isaiah meaning salvation of God. Which I think is a beautiful combination

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