What would you name a sibling to Ada Charlotte?

My 6 month old daughter is named Ada Charlotte. I am not expecting, but in the future I am definitely going to be trying again.

What do you think I'd name a future daughter(s)?

What do you think I'd name a future son(s)?

Thank you for answering =)



Katniss : That wasn't the question. =)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I adore Ada Charlotte :)

    • Girl names I could see you using: Dinah, Susanna, Josephine, Caroline, Beatrice, Ruby

    • Boy names I could see you using: Jack, Henry, Micah, Levi, Oliver, August, Charles, River

    Using those names, I'd name a sister Ruby Caroline and a brother Henry Charles.

    ~Ada, Ruby, & Henry~

    Hope I helped~ :)

  • Jax
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    9 years ago

    Lily Claire

    Madeline Sophia

    Violet Jane

    Harper Elizabeth

    Ivy Catherine

    Anna Genevieve

    Ameilia Joy

    Nora Ruby

    Everett Sebastien

    Oliver Quinn

    William Tobais

    Jack Nathaniel

    Rowan Alexander

    Owen James

  • shokat
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    4 years ago

    Elsa Louisa Willa Alice Nora Emma Rose Margaret Ella Cora Vera Pippa Lucy Evelyn Hazel Eliza Hannah Georgia Lily Eleanor Emily Elise Harriet Naomi Isadora Delilah Mabel Clara Esme Ivy Eloise Viola Lydia Scarlett Beatrix Lenore Isabelle Iris Elspeth Ramona Thora Rosalie Celia Ellen Theresa Beth Bridget Astrid Lola Clementine Sally Rebecca Esther Ingrid Imogen Rosalind Maeve Catherine Willow Susannah Heidi Corrine Vivian Caroline Miranda Grace Emeline Odette Dorothy Daisy Isobel Poppy Verity Genevieve Lyra Henry Leopold Emmett Walter William Roland Arnold Arthur Ivan Edward Owen Isaac Ian Ezra Elliot Andrew Wilhelm Levi Asher Eric Nathan Joshua Jonah Alfred Abram Lucas Jasper Lewis Otto? haha no longer too valuable approximately this one yet kinda stunning Ezekiel Everett August Tobias Rueben Robert Seth Ethan Harold Grady Raymond Theodore Callum

  • What a beautiful name :D!

    I like:

    Emelia Rose

    Felicity Alexandria

    Melody Iris

    Shiloh Bethany

    Violet Lucia

    Olivia Leigh

    Rylan Alexander

    Joshua Allen

    Daniel Logan

    Logan Daniel

    Bryce Elias

    Brody Mathias

    Brighton Ian

    Skyler John

    Zachary Lucas

    Source(s): <3
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  • Emma
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    9 years ago

    By the way, I love the name Ada Charlotte. I think most names would sound nice wit it. I mean, anything that isn't to similar like




    Most A names

  • 9 years ago

    I would consider the sibling's name independent of Ada. Parents tend to choose similar style names anyway so I'm not too worried you'lll name her Butterfly Sky or something like that. ;*)

    Having said that, my favorite girl's names are:





    My favorite boy's:





    Wishing you well! You did a great job with Ada Charlotte's name, just lovely. : )

  • Jen*
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    9 years ago

    Ada and Josephine

    Ada and Hattie

    Ada and Violet

    Ada and Ruby

    Ada and Stella

    Ada and Jude

    Ada and Hugh

    Ada and Oliver

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Charlotte Ada,

    Amanda Lottie,

    Samantha Beth

    Bethany Ray






    Hope I have helped

    Source(s): Me
  • 9 years ago

    Lukas Samuel


    Kassandra Renee

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Girl: Olivia Kathleen

    Boy: Joshua Clay

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