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Does this reflect the Philosophy of Islam, for the whole country is under this spell, or not?


Mayflower Stein - if I justify that killing, why was not Mohamed himself out of the Law, when taking 11 wives, when only 4 are allowed? Again, why is he not under scrutiny by taking a 9 year old virgin and making her his wife? An lastly, who has given Man the right to execute vengeance on earth. I think it ought to be God's right, not Man to do the killing. Am I wrong? I remember Isa saying "you'll be judged by the Law you judged with". What does that mean?

Update 2:

Kells is a MAN! - if you are a Muslim, you probably heard Isa (aka Jesus, His real Hebrew name is Yeshua) said "...why you invalidate the Law of Moses because of your TRADITIONS?" Is this happening too in Islam? Remember what happened to the ones who faltered on their worship of God in Jerusalem circa 70 CE?

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Mysterious Chest - first click on the url of my question; this takes you to the Question post originally, and put your mouse on it, RIGHT click and copy. Place on the Top bar and "paste". Thanks.

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Micheal Cullis - thanks for calling me an idiot. Yeshua spoke and gave the Samaritan woman at the well "the water of life", so others did enjoy the benefits of the Truth. Another was the Centurion - a Roman soldier - and many, many more. You do not know what you worship, I know what I worship. There is wrong in many Christian groups and beliefs - the Church of Rome, for instance - and it is our duty to "see them in the light of the Truth" - His Word - but some only have the light of a star and a crescent moon. Not much light there. Thanks for comments, again.

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    Yes. It's part of Islam. Kells obviously never read the Quran, because in Surah 18, verses 60-80 there is an honor killing, but it was a boy murdered for fear that he would rebel. Try reading it. It's a story of Moses walking with a man and they came across this boy. The man killed him and when Moses asked why, the reply was:


    YUSUFALI: "As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and we feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude (to Allah and man).

    He was killed to save his faithful parents from his ingratitude, for their honor. Ingratitude warrants death thanks to Islam. Dishonor is a reason to kill, so why not disbelief, dressing wrong, adultery, drinking alcohol, blasphemy, calling Muhammad a pedophile, or anything else they can think of?

    Edit - I should have put this in also.

    Quran 18.074

    YUSUFALI: Then they proceeded: until, when they met a young man, he slew him. Moses said: "Hast thou slain an innocent person who had slain none? Truly a foul (unheard of) thing hast thou done!"

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    No this does NOT. Basically this couple was having an extramarital affair. Under islam that is punishable by death BUT that can only happen if the person or people in it come forward and admit. Honor killings are just plain murder. The best way to understand this is you read the hadith in which a woman comes to the prophet and tells him she committed adultery or had an affair i can't think of which one now. Anyways the prophet sends her away and she comes back three times and three times he sends her away. You get the feel that he didn't want to kill this newly young mother thats why this went on for three years. After the fourth time he had no choice and gave her what she wanted. The moral of the story isn't that she is dead its that she came forward on her own accord and wanted this done. Thats how its suppose to be done. You can't just kill someone, thats just plain old murder. What the pakistanis are doing is totally cultural and unislamic. In islam if you think someone is having an affair you take them to court and the judge asks them if they've done anything wrong and of course most times the person says no, the judge would turn to you and ask you where your evidence is. In islam evidence is 4 witnesses who have seen you screw someone else and come on how often do you have an audience when you're trying to get it on????

    To answer your question, The quran, surah or islam whichever you want to call it didn't come down at once, they came down over decades. For example at one point consuming alcohol was perfectly legal until it did more harm than good and for the benefit of the society it was made illegal or haram. So when Mohamed took 11 wives that was perfectly legal until the suran came down and it declared that a man cannot take more than 4 wives. By that time mohamed already had 11 wives and he couldn't divorce them. One of the major reasons that mohamed married was so set an example for the men in his community. In pre-islamic arab society women were discriminated against heavily and men preferred to marry virgins instead of widows or divorcees. When khadija died (mohammed's first wife) he didn't marry until 10 years after her death. To me thats a sign of respect. And when he DID marry he married aisha the girl who you say was 9. The only reason he married her was because it was HER FATHER that approached mohamed and request that he marry his daughter. Out of mohammed's 12 wives that the married throughout his lifetime only ONE was a virgin and that was because her father wanted to strengthen ties politically and personally with the prophet. To say that he is a pedophile like most of these uneducated idiots is wrong because if that was the case he would have married another girl that was the same age. But of course he didn't. The reason mohammed married his other wives was like i said before was to set an example for his men. The arab army consisted of only men, the only field women participated in the battle field was as nurses. When men died in the battle field it was often their wives and children who suffered because the majority of the breadwinners then were men. So the rest of the women the prophet married were widows, Divorced women, freed slaves, and the likes. By doing this he raised women's status in society even higher. If you think in today's world it wouldn't make a difference just look at england in the 1930s and the story King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson. About how a english king had to give up his entire thrown because Parliament and his people wouldn't allow him to marry a divorced woman in 1930 england and we are talking about 6th century arabia here.

    And to your last question, society has a set of laws, both religious and man made. The example i gave you was a perfect example of that. The quran says that there consequences for crimes we commit and we can choose to either pay it on this earth or the hereafter. For example if i backbite i can choose to come up to your face and tell you what i said or i could face the consequences in the hereafter. Thats exactly what that woman wanted, she wanted to pay for her crimes on this earth other than in the here-after and thats why SHE asked the prophet for the consequences. No one is trying to justify murder. It was her choice, her decision and we have a right to respect that.

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    Just remember one thing, Honor killing is a TRADITION....It has nothing to do with Islam....try your best to find a single Quranic verse or a AUTHENTIC hadith which can shows that there is something known as honor killing in Islam.

    Those people are MURDERERS. Remember that!

    EDIT - Even tomknight answered that Q!

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    The url in the second question is not working.

    Things might be unjust but they are currently foggy to me

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