What would cause mould to grow in filtered tap water?

Green coloured mold has formed in some filtered tap water, what could cause this? It's not well water or anything like that either. It's water that should be technically drinkable as is without even being filtered.

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  • 9 years ago
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    City tap water has a small chlorine residual that continues killing bacteria, mold, etc. When you pass the water thru a carbon filter, it removes the residual chlorine, allowing the mold to grow.

    Mold spores are everywhere and it doesn't take much for them to establish in a water container under the right conditions. In fact, do this experiment to prove it to yourself. Take a t-shirt and get it wet. Bundle it up and put it in a dark, moist environment like a clothes hamper and you'll have mold in no time. You will smell the moldy odor.

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