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Would you read a story that went like this.......( SHORT)?

So a girl named maria is best friends with a guy named justin, maria currently has a boyfriend who brutally beats her and just treats her like crap, she always ends up crying in justins arms telling him that she means nothing(her dad rapes her and her parents are divorced) later in the story justin opens up to her and tells her that his parents beat him and dont like him at all, they fall in love, and marias boyfriend plans on killing justin....

And i have no more ideas.... The story sounded way more better in my head then it did when i just wrote it

In the middle of the parts there will be very sweet moments , im trying to make it a drama , love type of thing. Im 11 btw. And i know you guys are thinking im wayyy to young, but ive been touched,bullied and depressed, and i think this story will know..... Be perfect:)

I have many dreams of the guy i like, i like to daydream and i always loved to write:) (ps.NOT EVERYTHING IM WRITING ON THE BOOK IS BASED ON MY LIFE)its a make believe thing

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    (Don't listen to Tom. He's an ***)

    I would read that! Totally! I also know what it is like. :/ And no way in hell are you too young!! I'm writing a book on and I'm only 14!! You should join booksie and write this on there! Booksie is a website that is free to join and you can write poems/short stories/novels/books/articles and other things like that. And you read other peoples writings too. I bet you would love it!! (if you join booksie, look me up! My username is: solosinger)

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    Can i give some suggestions? Get rid of her dad raping her just replace it with physical abuse, then,and you may have already added this just didnt write d,it down here for the sake of conserving time, maybe this abusive boyfriend can have two sides he can be unbearably sweet for weeks and then just snaps maybe she could just bee with him because he tells these stories about how he will take her away from her dad and to a magical place and his definition of a magical place is using drugs and this josh kid is her anchor when she is feeling an absolute mess again putting your own littl touch on things that have kinda already been done.

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    I think that there's just a little too much going on with Maria but overall it's a pretty good story and you should upload it on to see what other people say about it :) great website/app

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    i think the plot of it sounds nice and interesting, just don't have too many depressing parts in the story or else people will move on because you always wanna have the life of the main character when its a love story :) hope i helped you.

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    Maria should stop complaining, get back in the kitchen, and make her bf a sammich!

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