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Citizens stand up when we tell you to or its chemical punishment - How is that not Nazi styled police state?

Youth in protest refused to obey in a timely manner and the US police sprayed them like bugs in a chemical punishment -- no judge no court no charge -- Left screaming because they did not stand up and file out when ordered


Electrocuted with no charge or trial -- disobiedience equals grounds for cattle prods now

According to Amnesty International over 334 people had been killed by TASERS in America since 2001. Yet Arizona based TASER International manufacturer of the popular electrocution devices maintains there is no risk of death.

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How is this not a Nazi styled police state and direct evidence of it and its continual growth over 10 years

Would this have been acceptable in 1999 ? ( A mere decade ago )

3 Year-Old Girl Accosted By TSA

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They wanted to be have to endure crazy violent men in positions of authority spitting on the rights their fathers fought for ?

Oh -- well then good for the students who said lets have some fascist jack boots over here stealing our rights and freedoms spitting on our soldiers who risked their lives for us to have them

Your head is up your buttocks -- remove it and join the thinking world or waddle out with it in if you must

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    @Live Free: The police state has been around since the Supreme Court threw out the Constitution in 1816 in order to establish a national bank - the source of all our woes today. The only difference between now and then is that the monster grew up and you can finally see it. Now it's time to do something about it.

    Start an RRFM in your community (Really really free market). Let's work together to starve that monster out of existence. ( and

    @RSC. To understand what the demands are about, please read the declaration that occupy groups around the globe are accepting. (

    Then learn about what this country (or most countries) call an economic system that is designed to impoverish the many for the benefit of the few. Learn about the Fed and how our current economic system cannot survive without war feeding it and people like you being as uninformed as you are.

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    There is no reason for these people to protest in the manner they are. There are plenty of avenues to take their petitions before actually staging sit ins.

    Have they written down their demands? Have they had petitions signed by thousands of people? Have they tried every legal manner of protest?


    What do they want? What are they asking? Why are they protesting?

    I have heard many of them speak, but it is such a muddled mess no one can determine exactly what they are protesting against.

    I think this is just a rabble of college students, who are notorious for rebelling against a system they cannot begin to understand, taught by socialist professors, who have idealistic images of a world wide Utopia.

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    It is! Wake UP, America!!!!!!!!! A police state is forming!!

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    They got exactly what they wanted

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