please help!!?? any information would be great!!?

Here is the low down.

Got a 2 day long (could have been just a bleed) period.

spotted for a day or so.

took a HPT and it came out negative.

a week later brown spotting occured

I have been getting

head achs


sore breasts

I can smell everything

very tired

moody (I cry at everything...not normal at all)

motion sickness

dizzy (to the piont of not being able to drive)

Thing is, I have recently had egg like discharge. Not clear, it was foggy. but it was around the time when (if not pregnant) I should have been ovulating.

What do you think???

HELP please. Could I actually be pregnant?? Or do I just have baby fever....

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  • 9 years ago
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    the discharge sounds like pregnancy..but your mind can also make you believe youre pregnant if you worry too much, i would just wait a week or 2 and take anothr test

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    may have took the test too soon, take another one in a week,

    like said above, some girls want it so bad they can trick their bodies into believing they are pregnant and get all the symptoms.

    one girl i knew even claimed to be "glowing" like a pregnancy glow, and she wasnt pregnant at all, just wanted to be for attention

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