driving school question?

Driving school homework help?

define defensive driving and discuss how driving defensively can improve the driving environment.

(250 words or more)

thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are thousands of tips for this, but a few:

    Situational Awareness.

    Know where the other vehicles are in relation to you, what they are likely to do, what they might do, and/or what they could do.

    Whatever anybody else does, you should have already considered the possibilities, and how you can avoid an accident - without causing one between other vehicles.

    Think ahead. Plan ahead.

    Know that big trucks DO NOT handle, accelerate, or stop as fast as a car. Stay away from them whenever possible.

    And learn to MERGE when getting on a freeway via an on ramp. (Don't make drivers who are already on the freeway hit their brakes to let you in.

    Keep on learning every time you drive. (You will NOT know it all as soon as you pass the test!)

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