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What will you name your children....roll the dice - 2nd edition?

Follow the story using the virtual dice found here:

Use the number you receive to navigate your way through your hypothetical life.

Part A:

Your spouce and you have been happily married for 2 years and after a lot of discussion, decide that the time is right to add a baby to your family. So you throw caution to the wind and cannot believe your good fortune when you recieve a positive pregnancy test reslut the very first month you are trying. 36 weeks later you are blessed with a baby.....

1 - Girl (first name A-H)

2 - Boy (first name A-H)

3 - Girl (first name I-P)

4 - Boy (first name I-P)

5 - Girl (first name Q-Z)

6 - Boy (first name Q-Z)

Middle name is after your mother/father.

Part B:

18 months after your son/daughter is born, you are surprised to find out that you are pregnant again. You weren't exactly preventing things, but you weren't trying either. You go to your 1st sonogram and are shocked to learn you are expecting twins. Your husband really likes the element of surprise so you wait until you deliver to find out the genders. You are blessed with:

1 - 2 Girls (old fashioned names)

2 - 2 Boys (old fashioned names)

3 - Girl/Boy (trendy/unique names)

4 - Girl-Boy (unisex names)

5 - 2 Girls (3 or more syllable names)

6 - 2 Boys (3 or more syllable names)

Part C:

2 Years pass in a blur of happy chaos. Your husband mentions that he wouldn't mind one more child since he is from a family of 4 and really likes the family dynamic. You agree that one more would be a welcome blessing, so once again you throw caution to the wind. Only, this time nothing happens. You try for an entire year without success and finally seek out a fertility specialist who reccomends doing in-vitro fertilization. You and Hubby save up enough for the procedure and hope for the best. A few weeks after the egg transfer you are hit with the absolute worst morning sickness of your entire pregnant life and know without a doubt it must be multiples again. Sure enough, when you go for your scan you are beyond shocked to find out you are pregnant with.....

1 - Triplets (3)

2 - Quadruplets (4)

3 - Quintuplets (5)

4 - Triplets (3)

5 - Twins (2)

6 - Sextuplets (6)

Roll the dice again for genders. Odd = Boy - Even = Girl

Name them whatever you like.

Part D:


Several years pass, you kids are growing, thriving and healthy. Late one night you get a call that your best friend and her husband have been in a car accident and did not make it. You are the godparents of her kids and know you could never turn your back on them. So you make some more room in your home and hearts for her kids:

1 - 2 Girl

2 - 2 Boys

3 - 1 Girl - 1 Boy

4 - 2 Girls - 1 Boy

5 - 2 Boys - 2 Girls

6 - 2 Boys - 1 Girl

Names are after friends of yours.

Part E:

With as many kids as you have, you get your own show on TLC and can afford to move to an acerage. Your kids really want a pet, and since you have the means and the space, you decide that 1 couldn't hurt. You end up getting a:

1 - Dog

2 - Cat

3 - Horse

4 - Goat

5 - Llama

6 - Cow

And name it whatever you like.

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    Part A - I rolled a 4.

    Boy - Rylan Marcus.

    Part B - I rolled a 2.

    Twins - Andrew James and Charlie Allan

    Part C - I rolled a 6.

    Sextuplets - Caleb John, Olivia Caroline, Sophia Elizabeth, Carson Alexander,

    Isaac Gage, and Jackson Samuel.

    Part D - I rolled a 3.

    Boy - Deacon Matthew Girl - Abigail Marie

    Part E - I rolled a 5.

    Looks like we're getting a llama named; Willow.

    So my husband and I have Rylan, Drew, Charlie, CJ, Livy, Sophie, Carson,

    Issy, Jack, Deacon and Abby. And a llama named Willow.

  • 9 years ago

    Part A:

    1- Aimee Anita

    Part B:

    1- Annalise Madison and Julianna Michaela

    Part C:

    5- Caleb James and Oliver Michael

    Part D:

    3- Phylecia Alicia and Pryce Scott

    Part E-

    1- Felix

  • Mara
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    9 years ago


    5: Sophie Louise


    3: Audra Mackenzie & Dashiell Reid


    6: Owen Patrick, Liam Mason, Charlie Bennett, Daniel Joseph, Eva Madeleine, Sawyer Rhys


    3: Eloise Kate & Christopher Anthony


    3: Brownie

  • 6 years ago

    1. Boy- Jasper John

    2. 2 boys- Luca Jai and Leo Blake

    3. triplets b/g/g- Felix William, Mia Honey and Emmy Bella

    4. 1 boy and 1 girl- Chloe Rebecca and Daniel Oliver

    5. a goat named Pebble

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  • 9 years ago

    1] Number 4. Noah Andrew.

    2] Number 5. Eloise Evangeline & Elodie Elisabeth

    3] Number 3. GBGBG.

    Violet Hanna, Dalton Kai, Sophia Rose, Hunter Rhys & Daisy Jade.

    4] Number 3. Kyler Jackson & Sara Belle.

    5] Number 3. A horse named Lyric.

    Noah, Eloise, Elodie, Violet, Dalton, Sophia, Hunter, Daisy, Kyler, Sara & Lyric :)

  • 9 years ago

    Isabelle Lynn

    Tamara Jane + Tyson Ray

    Kiley Jordan + Jamie Nicole + Ava Jailynn + Aiden Cole + Braydon Kyle

    Madison Hope + Matthew Ryan

    Female Horse named Apple

  • 9 years ago

    Zachary Andrew

    Nathaniel Joseph and Benjamin Paul

    Isobel Mary, Alice Iona and Madeleine Ivy

    William Edward, Matthew Anthony and Lydia Katy

    Llama - Minty

    Zac, Nate, Isla, Alice, Lena, Will, Matt and Lydia



  • Slinky
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    9 years ago

    Violet Katherine

    Annabel Claire and Matilda Juliet

    Henry Sebastian, Jonah Theodore and Lucas William

    Ruby Victoria, Alice Rebekah and Charles Matthew

    A horse named Phoebe.

    "Violet, Belle, Tilly, Henry, Joe, Luke, Ruby, Alice and Charlie"

  • 9 years ago

    Daniel Scott

    Alexis Parker [Girl] & Carson Noah [Boy]

    Nicholas Anthony, Vincent Ryan, Lia Rose & Lily Jane

    Lindsey Anne & Matthew Thomas

    Horse named Electra

  • 9 years ago

    We have a little girl named Madeleine Ivana.

    We have 2 twin girls - Isabella Nathalie & Alexa Chloe

    We get quadruplets! (oh no) and we get 3 girls and 1 boy

    Lewis William, Ava Elizabeth, Lily Emmeline & Sophie Olivia

    Georgia Eve & Connor James

    We get a male dog (to even out the girl/boy split) called Harvey :)

    So we have Madeleine, Isabella, Alexa, Lewis, Ava, Lily, Sophie, Georgia & Connor.

    Maddy, Izzy, Lexy, Louis, Ava, Lily, Sophie, Georgie & CJ.

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