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I think my Betta fish is sick?

i have a very large crown tail betta and he is normally really active but in the past week i have noticed that he is well not doing well. He’s not eating as much, he has stopped making bubble nest and now all he does is lie down on the lives plants that have big leaves and practically fall over. He is in about 1.5 gallon tank with a heater and 3 live plants and a snail. I have seen my fish in the past do this in this very tank. It takes some time but they eventually kick the bucket. I just resonantly checked the water and other then high nitrate level from me just changing the water all is good. The only new additions would be 2 of the lives plants and a snail. I’m wondering if i may have 2 many live plants in with him or something. Or is this some sickness that lives in the bowl. Just because every fish that has been in this tank dies like this, but i do make sure to put boiling hot water on everything then let it all dry out.

P.S. His fins are not clamped and his colour has not changed at all. I feed him a mix of blood worms and betta pellets same as I give my other fish. No they are not in the same bowl. But really I can’t see anything wrong with him other than his energy level. I’m wondering if maybe I should recharge half the water and clean off the plants, but I’m worried I may stress him out to much.


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    The reason fish keep dying in your bowl is because bowls aren't suitable for fish. It's simply too small of a space. Ammonia will build up fast and you can't cycle the water well without a filter, water changes become drastic leading to water shock, things will fluctuate too drastically, and over heating is very common. It's not safe to heat something less than 3 gallons. He should really be in a 5 gallon tank to be healthy and happy. They should live 6 to 10 years with proper care.

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    I would suggest a bigger tank with a filtration system from now on! This will help keep nitrates nitrites and all that bad stuff down! Go to a lo al pet store and a 5 gallon is like $7! Anyway what I want you to do is slowly raise the water temperature to 6° higher while adding aquarium salts! REMEMBER do all this gradually! Doing to much to soon is hard even on a fish who isn't that sick! Good luck

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    Your betta is truly extra advantageous than happy and extremely healthy. The bubbles around his tank are spoke of as a "bubble nest", and what bettas do to tutor that they are waiting to reproduce. properly completed on giving your betta a happy homestead!

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    "I should recharge half the water and clean off the plants" -I'd do that. He has a heater... tank size is ok... and liveplants...

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    maybe a bigger tank would help and if not then at least get ur water to a temp of 80 f and maybe and airstone bettas need oxygen even though they can get if from the surface

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