SEVERE Migraine sufferers - which drugs are working best for you?

Maxalt and Axert work if I catch it just as the headache starts but 90% of them start in my sleep and then it's too late to take and they won't relieve the pain.

Elavil just makes me not want to get out of bed and does nothing for the headache

Topamax/Topiramite taken daily prevented about 50% of my migraines but gave me terrible haullucinations, pins & needles feeling in feet

I take Tylenol 3's and sometimes have to take 90mg at a time to get to sleep - I don't want to be on this much Tylenol. Sometimes I take 2 Tramacet/Tramadol, but the pain doesn't go away, it just makes me live through it a little easier.

Any suggestions of drugs I can try that won't have a negative effect on the liver or cause weight gain?


Thanks - I've tried every drug store remedy over the years Alleve, Advil, Migraine, Excedrine Migraine, etc. - the Neuorologist said only about 2% of people who get migraines get them this bad. Just hate having this much Codeine - as I'm always constipated from it.

Update 2:

Good advice - I'm on Ferrous Sulfate (iron) too., and Magnesium, B12 and D.

Update 3:

Abijann - I would have never considered my esophagus - thanks for the tip - I'll have my MD check it out. I get liver scans every four months- I really appreciate you're mentioning it because taking heavy drugs can definitely lead to Liver problems - Thanks so much.

And to everyone else for their tips! Migraines are a *****, aren't they.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There was a friend of mine that had severe migraines. They finally found

    out the cause...her esophagus was too narrow. They did a procedure to

    expand the esophagus and her headaches went away.

    Another person found out that they were having blood leaks into her

    brain from her use of Aspirin.

    She isn't allowed to take the medication anymore or anything that may

    thin the blood.

    Someone else had Aneurysm and had to have it operated on.

    Trying to find the cause is the best anyone can do:

    Some home remedies is to place ice on the back of the head and neck area.

    If it seems to be in the eyes, placing a warm/hot steamy washcloth over the

    eyes, when your head is down...will relax eye strain. Your eyes will become

    blurry as it relaxes the muscles of the eye and then will clear up again in a

    few minutes.

    If it seems to be coming from sinus problems: Sometimes breathing in vapors

    or steam in the warmth of the bathroom will help those who have sinus headaches.

    Having a humidifier in the room will deliver moisture into the air.

    Or if you have allergies: getting an air cleaner may help.

    Hormone problems can be corrected with medication to replace them...done

    after blood testing to confirm a problem.

    You should be having liver function blood tests, liver enzyme blood testing

    done on your liver to be sure how your liver is handling these drugs. If you

    are on these drugs continually, they "might " cause liver cell damage and your

    liver could develop inflammation (usually if you take them for a long time

    or at high doses.)

    Best wishes to you. It seems you are already taking all the drugs that

    I could recommend to you.

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    5 years ago

    Calyx is correct I think. There are a lot of thing out there and they're good to try..but migraines that awful are hard to treat. Is he not wanting to take the pills that you can buy (prescription) that you take daily to prevent them? I have severe migraines iwth the nausea and severe pain and blind spots and once in a while a pressure point massage will ease the tension in my neck. Same with the chiropractor. No over the counter pills work for me. Sometimes I need to go the hospital for demerol shots. Get him to try a pressure point and deep tissue massage..and of course all the herbs that person recommended..b/c you never know.

  • 9 years ago

    I normally try to either sleep them off (but realistically that's not possible for every headache due to the pain) or to take two Aleeve. I'm a light weight so it works amazingly for me. My doctor put me on Propanolol for prevention of them but I don't suggest that as it made the migraines ten thousand times worse. I hope this helps

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  • 9 years ago

    I take Maxalt 10mg MLT, but that mint taste is starting to really gross me out. Works good, not as fast as when I first started it, and I am sooo tired while taking it. Axert was good, similar to maxalt like you said. I also have generic Imitrex. next appointment, I am asking for the Imitrex shot thing....NOTHING over the counter works. Ice pack on head if I have no RX available. I tried Topamax, I was on it for 5 months, i have never been the same, made me zombie like and dumbed out, I would be in the middle of a sentence, then forget where i was going with it. I had numb hands, and soda sucked! They tried putting me on Depakote, but that causes weight gain, so I was like, "No Thanks!" I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm still looking myself. Good Luck.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    none of that worked for me.

    i tried a lot of pills for many yrs.

    the only one that works is vicodin for me.

    & so i took a blood test to check my vitamin/ mineral levels etc & i had a low feratin(type of iron) level.

    i took iron pills for a few months & now i rarely get migraines & do follow up tests etc.

    check ur blood work for anything.

    the pain might be from something else that triggers migraines.

    Source(s): mayo clinic & experience
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