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which players have lived up to the hype and who has not?

i'd say Nugent-Hopkins has been a nice surprise, did'nt see Kessel let alone Lupul being where they are on the scoring list. Where is Staal, Iginla and several others.


poor choice of words, sorry i meant to ask who has met expectations and who has not this season so far.

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    So, besides who you have listed

    Seguin is having an incredible sophomore season, so I would put him up in the discussion as living up to the hype of being #2. Marc-Andre Fleury has been lost in all of the Crosby news, but Flower is putting together his best season ever, so he's living up to #1.

    Eric Johnson has to be a disappointment. #1 overall, Johnson hasn't shown that he can be the two-way workhorse that everyone hoped he would be. Right now, he's an above-average, big defender. Obviously, the struggles of Ovechkin have been noted and documented across the league, so he needs to be better and soon, or the Capitals may miss the playoffs after being one of the pre-season picks as the Cup Finalist in the East.

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    When you say "Lived up to the hype" you can not include players like Staal, Iginla, Ovechkin because they are not rookies and they have all put together many great years in the NHL...They are in what are called "slumps"..

    Players that don't live up to the Hype are high draft picks with high expectations that either never make it to the NHL or do nothing. There are so many guys that fill that list it's not even funny. Saying Jarome Iginla hasn't lived up the hype is absurd: He was drafted 11th in the 1995 entry draft and and has scored 1,000 points in his career and was the 10th player in NHL history to score 30 goals in ten consecutive seasons ...Or someone like Ovechkin not living up to the hype as a number one overall pick? 633 points in 500 career games?

    You can't compare Apples to Oranges my friend and while RNH is playing well, 29 career NHL points don't compare to the other great NHL players who are currently "slumping" right now who have proved themselves for years.

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    Lived up to the hype:




    Kari Lehtonen

    Mike Smith

    Milan Michalek

    Marian Gaborik


    Eric Staal




    Bobby Ryan

    Steve Mason

    Jaroslav Halak

    Chris Stewart

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    In the recent drafts...

    Lived up to the hype:





    E. Kane





    Hasn't lived up to the hype:

    Hedman (although he's not bad, and is getting better)



  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Player that lived up to the hype:




    Ovechkin (early in his career)


    Steve Yzerman


    Marty Brodeur

    Jaromir Jagr

    Marc-Andre Fleury

    Jordan Staal

    Jonathan Toews

    Patrick Kane

    Players that have underachieved:

    Ovechkin (as of right now)


    Alexandre Daigle

    John Tavares

    Devin Dubnyk

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