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To what extent are nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction necessary in the world today?


This is a question in my history 12 textbook and i need to know the different sides on this issue. and help would be appreciated. I do not have any opinion on this it isn't about me, its about answering the question.

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    This would be a great question for the government in IRAN.

    I can tell that you seem to have a pretty "one love" outlook on the world, but what you need to realize is that countries like Iran seek nuclear weapons so that they can be taken more seriously on the world stage. Can you imagine a rogue country like Iran, who constantly defies the UN and the voice of the world, develops nuclear weapons? Then gives them to terrorists to use so that they can not be held accountable? Nukes have traditionally been used as a deterant against war, and have actually kep the peace for several decades. But in the hands of a state sponsor of terrorism like Iran? NOT GOOD my friend. They know it, we know it, and you know it.

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    Had nuclear weapons no longer been invented yet, then no, we does no longer them provided a rustic ought to locate different weapons that function a deterrent of invasion. although, considering the fact that they are already invented, retaining them is mandatory, because of the fact if one united states of america disarmed and went to conflict with a nuclear armed united states of america, that they had be blasted to bits.

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