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guys im really creeped out by this gothic guy :( need help!?

So I met this guy today and he was all nice and I'm a very chilled out/friendly girl..the guy is like gothic-y like head to toe(personality and everything)..and he was with my office mates..after they all left he came to my office and wouldn't leave..then he asks me on a date and then he says all these weird comments..they are compliments but really ''odd'' like NO guy says compliments like that directly and so creepy-ly..and then i saw him adding me on fb in 30 minutes too. i dont want to sound mean.

im sorry if i sound ridiculous but i dont want this guy doing some crazy magic...voodoo doll **** thing im SCARED as hell. I didn't write anything in details so it's tough to explain how the guy is actually pretty ''creepy''..

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    Just tell him your flattered and that he's seems like a nice "dateable" (I know you don't mean it but just say it to be nice) guy and that you would go on the date but you kind of in a complicated rerelationship with someone that DOSENT HAVE A FACEBOOK AND LIVES OUT OF TOWN. just give a fake name like Jack Bass or michael griffin if he asks. Then make sure you always say hi to him and smile so he thinks your not creeped out with him.

    Source(s): Similar thing happpend to me
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    what were some of his weird compliments? sometimes gothic men talk like they are from the times of it may sound creepy but it is just a different way of expression.

    If you do not have any intimate feelings for him send him a facebook message and let him know you would definitely like to be friends but only that. I doubt he will do any magic voodoo stuff. Just because he is gothic does not mean he does evil things like that. There are a lot of creepy dudes out there but not all are mean or would hurt you...a lot of gothic boys are actually more docile and like little puppies. So be honest with him, and be easy on him. If you are genuinely scared for your safety, tell your parents. If it comes down to it and he will not leave you alone and he follows you, call the police.

    First just let him politely know you are not looking for any type of relationship with anyone..,and see what happens.

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    Way to stereotype.

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    I think your over looking this...

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