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Is it any surprise that Charlie Rangel admits to not being patriotic?

He is once again calling for the draft but what I found the most revealing is the last line of this article. Speaking about his brother and himself;

“I would like to walk away saying how patriotic we both were, but really what motivated me was the excitement my mother would get in receiving a check for my older brother,” Rangel said.

For many decades he wrapped himself in the flag and his military service when he ran for office. But he doesn't even believe in Patriotism.

Update 2:

marvinsussman@sbcglobal.net - Your "spin" seems based on the premise that a person cannot be both Patriotic and love his mother. That is a false premise. My own Patriotism is based on my love of family as well as country.

This from his bio;

"Rangel did well in elementary and middle school, and began working at a neighborhood drug store at the age of eight. Rangel then attended DeWitt Clinton High School, but was often truant and was sometimes driven home by the police. His maternal grandfather, an early role model who worked in a courthouse and knew many judges and lawyers, kept him from getting into more serious trouble. Rangel dropped out at age 16 during his junior year and worked in various low-paying jobs, including selling shoes."

He seemed to have no problem getting work.

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    No great surprise to me.

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    No not really blacks in America really have no patriotism for America as a general rule many feel it is a down right mean country

  • Learn how to read. He didn't say he wasn't patriotic. He said that he was motivated by his mother's love for her son.

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